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August Issue of haven // Out Now

August Issue of haven // Out Now

Right from the time, late last year, that we brainstormed the idea for our August “I am Tween” edition of haven, it was always going to be a theme that was right up my alley. As a mum of three kids aged 12, 9 and 5, hubby and I are currently living the parenting tween dream (not implying there are no challenges!). While our little Mr 5 rotates on his own trajectory most days, his formidable tween sisters are living up to every tween expectation.

They love their screen time, are fascinated by the world wide web and while we parents see them still as little kids, they are growing up faster than we would like. It’s a new parenting role to navigate the digital world in addition to later bedtimes, wider boundaries and blossoming hormones.

These are themes that we see over and over again in the tween-flavoured stories we’ve covered in this month’s edition. Make sure you check out our “Cracking the tween code” feature on Pages 8-9 and our “The digital download” feature on Pages 12-13 for a few different perspectives – if you’re the parent of a tween, we are sure you’ll relate.

On the topic of all things digital and the all-consuming social media landscape in which we live, we’d love you to join us for our next haven reader event as we talk social media for parents and grandparents at the end of August. That event, in addition to a new haven business hub workshop (see Page 7 for details), has our crew elated to be mixing with our readers again in the coming weeks. Will you be one of them?

Read the July issue of haven online here, or via PressReader here.

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