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Australian Publisher Helping People in PNG Read

Australian Publisher Helping People in PNG Read

Imagine not being able to read. Illiteracy is a reality for many people in Papua New Guinea who are faced with the daily challenge of not being able to read or write.

To help people in PNG overcome this, Sunlight Ink Publishing has teamed up with the Ginigoada Foundation, Books4PNGKids and UNICEF to support children, teenagers and adults of Papua New Guinea to develop their reading skills

Sunlight Ink Publishing hopes to send 1500 books to PNG that will help people of all ages start their journey of learning to read. The books titled I am beauty-full just for being me, My number 1 job and Whoops is one of my favourite words have been written by Tanya Curtis and Desiree Delaloye who both believe the books will offer a strong foundation for those learning to read in PNG.

“This project is vital as it is focused on supporting kids’ literacy development and enhancing their ongoing wellbeing,” Tanya says. “We are offering a foundation for these people beyond just an educational level, with the books providing a focus on their wellbeing.”

The team at Sunlight Ink Publishing hopes that their books will be the first step in the literacy journey for the people in PNG who have not yet acquired a skill many of us take for granted here in Australia.

You can help Sunlight Ink Publishing enhance literacy levels in PNG by pledging your support on their Go Fund Me page.


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