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Marie Sulda

Marie Sulda is a Travel Designer and Founder of Kaleidoscopic Travel. She has worked within the travel industry for over 14 years from travel consulting through to sales management. Marie is an entrepreneur at heart who is passionate about enabling people to live the life they choose through inspiring and flexible work! She believes in living a life of purpose and passion //

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Travel Before Your Kids Become Teens!

It’s a well-known fact that seeing the monuments of Rome is as difficult with a teen (who would rather be with their friends or connected to WiFi) as it is with a toddler (who may be throwing themselves in a fit of rage into the Trevi Fountain). So when is the best time to do that big trip with your kids? Whilst this may still present it’s challenges, here are a few reasons why you may consider taking your ...

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