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Bespoke Beauty

Uberkate is the original personalised jewellery company offering gorgeous handcrafted jewellery in solid sterling silver and gold, made with love by jewellery designer Kate Sutton, since 2013. To check out the full Uberkate range, visit ...

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Model Citizens

Got a mini-model who is raring to get on the runway, but nervous about exposing them to an industry that's infamous for harsh judgement? The crew at kidz fashion week are all about acceptance in the kids modelling biz. The Gold Coast’s premiere children’s fashion festival, Kidz Fashion Week, went o with a bang in July, filling RACV Royal Pines Resort with laughs, music and local talent. The event gave more ...

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Digital Wearables

Sensoria Fitness Socks, $199 // Snapchat Spectacles, $129USD // Apple Watch Series 2, $1779 // NADI X Activated Yoga Pants, $299 // Commuter Jacket, $350 // Available later in 2017! AIO activity-monitoring compression sleeve, $116 // Spinali Vibrating Jeans, $164 // ...

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Winter Feels

Country Road patchwork poncho, $159 // Witchery soft textural scarf, $79.95 // Seed Heritage diamond knit beanie, $34.95 // Sportsgirl puffa jacket, $149.95 // Milana wool felt fedora, $79.95 // Witchery mitten gloves, $59.95 // Witchery midnight check scarf, $79.95 // www.witch ...

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Gold Coast Kidz to hit the Runway

After much anticipation and four successful events in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia’s only dedicated children’s fashion festival, Kidz Fashion Week, is heading to the Gold Coast. Kidz Fashion Week has found Queensland’s top young talent to showcase the latest in kid’s fashion, at its major runway event at Royal Pines Resort on July 6. The event will give over one hundred kids from ages five to 17, the o ...

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Grassroots Business

Don’t let the name deceive you – The Village Markets on the Gold Coast are so much more than ‘just’ a market event. The Village Markets is a creative community that has seen the beginning of some great businesses. Peony Swimwear, Kivari, Bones Society and Children of The Tribe have all started out selling their wares here on Sunday mornings. But it’s not all about business. The markets have also played a bi ...

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Dare to Double?

If you were a child of the 80s like most of us here are haven mag, you’d be well aware of the fact that you should NOT double denim. Exhibit A: Justin and Brittany at the 2001 AMAs. But, you would not believe it. In 2017, double denim is now a thing again. Yes, double denim is officially a thing right now. All the hipsters and fashionistas are doing it. To help you get back on the DD bandwagon, we spoke to ...

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5 Wardrobe Staples for Every Businesswoman

On some mornings pushing your hair into a messy bun, shimmying into an old shrunken dress and throwing on a pair of tired lace ups feels like the only option.  With mouths to feed and kids to dress, it’s easy to put your business look on the back burner. But what if we told you there was a sure fire way to look a million bucks each and every working day? Outdated suits jackets and faded black trousers that ...

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Parallel Lines

Sportsgirl shorts, $34.97 // Adidas Gazelle unisex sneakers (various colours), $120 // Sportsgirl tie-front tank, $24.98 // Morgan & Taylor Tyra bag, $54.95 // Crossroads maxi skirt, $25 // Witchery knit in lead blue, $149.95 // Witchery scarf in pink peony, $49.95 // ...

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