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Ask Dr Aaron // May 2016

You asked the questions, child psychologist Dr Aaron Frost gives you the answers. If you have a question you'd like answered, email it to us via   Q. What are the pros and cons of holding our child back from starting prep next year, if we feel he is too immature to start? A. This is a great old chestnut of a debate. The pros of holding a kid back from Prep are that they get ...

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3 Simple Steps to Behaviour Change

People often think that changing their unwanted behaviour is an arduous and sometimes seemingly impossible process. As a result people become identified by these unwanted behaviours and resign themselves to thinking "this is who I am". The reality is there are only three simple steps required for behaviour change to occur. But first, let’s discuss what behaviour is. many people associate the word behaviour ...

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A Person is NOT Their Behaviour

Too often in life we identify people (including ourselves) through the behaviours they choose, rather than seeing a person for who they are. For example, I’ve heard people say: -        That’s the naughty/good boy -        That’s the rude/polite girl -        That’s the alcoholic… or person who doesn’t drink -        That’s the bad/good mother -        That’s the Aspergers, ADHD, angry, sad person -        ...

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Instilling What to Do

Q: I am having troubles at school with my child taking direction from the teacher. He doesn’t take serious the discipline the teacher offers when his behaviour is poor, and he still seems to be making the same mistakes of poor judgement in the classroom. Unwanted Behaviour must by understood rather than judged while new behaviour must be taught and not expected! A concern I have with many behaviour change p ...

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