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Home, Sweet Home

Did you know, A QUT study found that, on average, home schooled kids are doing better in standardized testing than kids in traditional schools? Dr Rebecca English from Queensland University of Technology’s Faculty of Education has spent the last five years researching “the most private, private education”. Her report suggests that children educated at home achieve better results than kids in mainstream scho ...

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Schooling Success

As parents, we always want the very best for our kids. Helping them achieve as best they can in their school years can be one of our biggest focuses. Parents will always be their children’s most influential teachers – there’s never any doubt. However, as parents, there are things we should be doing to enhance our kids’ learning experiences in the classroom. Educators from Begin Bright Sorrento, Tugun and Bu ...

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Out of The Box

Gadgets are a big part of our kids’ days. While some say technology addiction is an epidemic, others say it has opened doors for learning and play. Chrissy Byers believes that kids need to rediscover the old-school fun of getting outside, getting dirty and getting creative. And her solution is certainly out of the box. Over a decade of interacting with kids has taught former teacher and mum of two Chrissy B ...

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IVF and Autism

Words: dr Gary swift Recently medical media attention has focused on a study of neurodevelopmental outcome of children conceived with assisted reproductive technologies. Headlines have focused on sensationalism as per usual and have left the facts to be deciphered in the fine print. In Australia and most developed countries, 15% of couples don’t conceive easily and require assisted reproductive technologies ...

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