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Work it, Baby!

If you are a mum then you know first hand the pressures that pregnancy puts on your body - pains, aches, stretchmarks and of course the wobbly bits that are left after the arrival of our precious bubs.   Having spent a number of years working in post-natal exercise, working with hundreds of women, I know the frustration that can come from looking in the mirror at a body that you no longer recognise. ...

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Mummy Mojo – What to Eat, When

You’ve heard it before – you can’t out-train a bad diet. The reality is, what you put in your mouth counts more than what you do with your body. Want to get your mummy mojo back? You need to know what to eat, and when.   Francine Lafebre, personal trainer and senior coach at UberShape,says diet can make a huge difference to a mum’s physical and emotional state. “If you want a healthy body composition a ...

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Get Active & Healthy These Holidays

School holidays are looming, along with the perennial cry, “We’re bored!”. Banish the boredoms with City of Gold Coast’s Active & Healthy Holiday Program.   Try out hula hooping for fun and fitness, join in a rainbow spiral tie dye spiral workshop or even unlock your animal instincts in the jungle madness obstacle challenge.   From Saturday 20 November to Monday 6 October, make the most of mor ...

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The Effect of Birth on Babies

Do you wonder what effect birth has on your baby? Victoria McLelland local, registered Osteopath shares some of her experience in treating babies after birth.   Most babies cope well with birth and bounce back quickly within the first week. However for some newborns, the pressures applied to the head and body during labour can be traumatic. Many problems commonly experienced during infancy may be a res ...

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Keeping it Simple // Making Different Choices to Give Us a Different Result

At times we struggle and feel alone in our world. We ask ourselves, “Where did I go wrong to have this, all I wanted was to be happy and to have things go smoothly and calmly in my life.”   We are often caught in this trap of ‘same, same’ therefore nothing changes and we go around and around, day after day, month after month doing what we are doing. We feel tired, drained, annoyed, upset, sad, frustrat ...

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Being Fluid

The weather is heating up, the summer fruits are starting to make an appearance and salads are back on the menu! I love the colours and flavours of spring and summertime food. We eat first with our eyes, so it's no surprise that we love the colours of the rainbow on our plates. I find that i am super busy in spring and summer and as we come out of hibernation and back into early morning training sessions (t ...

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Assassins in the Aisles

Disguised as numbers, confounding most of us, hidden toxins abound in our food and our cleaning products. I honestly don’t know anyone who enjoys grocery shopping: the car park, the trolleys, the crowds, the packing and unpacking, and of course they move products around so that we are kept on our toes, thus sending us exploring the aisles to find our staples. Then there are the helpful hints that we should ...

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Kitchen Detox

As we spend the last month in winter thoughts turn to warmer weather, longer days and perhaps even spring cleaning. Spring is just around the corner and we often spend time clearing out our pre –loved items from the toy boxes, wardrobes and garages – items that no longer serve us. But what about the kitchen? Sure we can get rid of the containers, dishes, pots and pans but perhaps lurking in the fridge, free ...

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Get Your Dance On!

I was a part of dance group all through high school and I can honestly say that 'dance' is what I kept me interested in school. I enjoyed the social side of dancing, meeting new people and creating lifelong friendships. I loved the positive and high energy atmosphere around me but the thing I appreciate all these years later is the stress release dance provided for me. I now have two daughters and my eldest ...

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