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Fifty Shades

Pillow Talk Felipe cushion, $24.95 // Emporium swirl vases in grey/white, $19.95 // Zanui two-seater sofa in light grey, $999 // Design3000 Willmann vase, $106 // Habitat Applicata oak clock with grey hands, $239 // Zanui circular stool, $139.95 // Gus* Halifax chair in varsity ...

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7 Ways to Create Quirky & Fun Kids’ Rooms

These days there is no end to the cool, quirky and fun style parents can inject into their kids’ rooms. Designer and DIY parents alike are keen to add magic to their little ones’ special spaces and these hot trends are sure to inspire. To stay on trend with the latest kids’ room trends, Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors shares her top tips: 1. Neon Colour Pops – Neon is back! ...

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Monochrome Mottos

‘Be you!’ art print by Design Mondo, various colours, $25, ‘Slay dragons’ art print by Design Mondo, various colours, $25, ‘I’m Batman’ art print by BespokeMoments, $19.96, Hark Home ‘Karma’ art print, $20, Hark Home ‘Humble’ art print, from $20, Design Mondo ‘Batman’ art print $25.50, ...

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Pimp my Desk

Optoco computer mouse in Aston Martin DBS, Mercedes 300SL or Mini Cooper S design. LED headlights and rear lights. Adjustable high-resolution optical for 800dpi or 1600dpi scanning, $99.95, USB wired handwarmers for those cold winter days or late nights at your desk, $49.95, Flexible iPad stand to position your tablet wherever you need it, $179, ...

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An Eye for Design

Grason Kira is the creative mind and muscle behind the Kira & Kira furniture masterpieces that you’ll find sprinkled throughout their Miami showroom and throughout the homes of their stylish clients. haven spoke to Grason about his inspiration, furniture trends and why we all need his dining table in our lives. When researching up and coming trends, which countries do you look to for inspiration and why ...

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Style Central

Not only is the Kira & Kira brand synonymous with trend-leading design and high-quality furniture manufacturing, the eponymous Gold Coast Highway store boasts one of the most stylish curations of homewares on the Gold Coast. Kira & Kira is located at 2017 Gold Coast Highway, Miami. Store hours: Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm. Saturdays 9.30am-1.30pm. Phone 0449 509 989 or visit ...

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In-House Day Spa

Christmas is fast approaching, the buzz is beginning and the pace is quickening. At this time of year it's sometimes difficult to allocate time for luxuries like a trip to a day spa for example. So why not create your own experience at home. Something you can enjoy spontaneously when you find yourself with some spare time. Maybe even a 20min evening ritual once the kids are tucked up and fast asleep at nigh ...

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Drab to Fab

It’s incredible the change you can make to your home with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Take that thinking and apply it to what’s within those walls as well. Throwing a fresh coat of paint on your walls is always the best way to refresh your home and, if you are going with a knock-out feature paint colour on one wall, paint also injects an instant element of fab. Dulux has made it easy for us weekend ...

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Be Authentic

It sounds simple to just be yourself in your home styling. But, for many of us this is a challenging task. You may have many doubts and perhaps you think "I don't have a style.", "I've got no idea!", "Where do I start?" But, if you dig deep, observe yourself, and your life, you will discover you DO have a style, you DO have an idea and you WILL know where to start. Firstly, have a think about you and your l ...

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