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Cruise Control

Make like a futuristic robot-movie-person and try the Gold Coast’s newest tour on two wheels. Justin Bieber rates them. So too does George W Bush. There are even police departments across the world that have embraced them. And now you too can experience the Gold Coast breeze through your hair while enjoying the futuristic fun of a NineBot. Also known as a ‘Segway’ or ‘personal transportation robot’, these b ...

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Suburb Spotlight // Paradise Point

Nestled along the Gold Coast Broadwater and tucked in behind Ephraim Island and Sovereign Islands, Paradise Point is one of the hidden treasures on the northern end of the GC. The Esplanade is rich with atmosphere with alfresco dining on one side and fantastic parklands and water access on the other.   PLAY The parklands along the Esplanade stretches against the pristine waterways of the Gold Coast Bro ...

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Day Trippin’ // Sunny Coast

Moving to the Sunshine Coast hinterland was the best decision my parents ever made for our family. As much as I now love the busyness and culture of Brisbane’s big city, I do have to say that the hinterland will always be home for me. There is just something so comforting about being surrounded by green trees and breathing fresh air. This is one of the many reasons why the hinterland is the perfect location ...

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Day Trippin’ // Broadbeach

Day trips are the best – long enough to feel like you’ve had a retreat from the working week, but short enough that you don’t have a mountain of washing when you get home! This month we uncover Broadbeach – where you can dabble for a day trip or take a mini-break, as we did, to really get into the swing of things.   In the vibrant heart of the Gold Coast, and just one hour from Brisbane, lies Broadbeach. A ...

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