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Tips & Tracks for Bushwalking Rookies

TIPS FOR BUSHWALKING ROOKIES Be prepared. Choose a walk that suits your children’s interests and abilities. Pack a backpack with water bottles, sunscreen, snacks and a first aid kit. Wear clothing that can get a bit dirty! Take lots of pictures. Take your phone to capture all the great moments of exploring the bush with your kids. Remember to take only pictures and memories, and leave our beautiful natural ...

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Travelling with Children

If you want to spend quality time with your children, to help them learn and grow and to gain a better understanding of the world, then you must travel. Life is becoming too busy for quality time, but a holiday will force your family to down tools and spend time with each other. If you are worried about the hassle of travel, don’t be. Your children will surprise you with their adaptability and affability wh ...

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Keep a Travel Journal

We all think we can remember the interesting and unique parts of our holiday, but after a time, we forget. It’s is the delicious little details of your holiday that you want to savour for weeks, months and years into the future. The only way to remember the juicy details is to keep a journal. Keeping a travel journal is one of the smartest things any traveller can do, so I have put together some tips for ke ...

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Survive Byron Bay This Summer

While some of our haven readers are lucky to call Byron Bay home, for many of us, Byron is that delightful day trip or holiday spot, down the M1 and left into Ewingsdale Road. While the summer holidays will mean there are more people there than ever, don’t let that dissuade you. It’s true what they say - Byron Bay has changed. There are parking meters for one thing, but it’s the huge volume of tourists that ...

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Bushwalking Bliss

Byron Bay is a tourist Mecca - there’s no doubt about it. On your next day trip though, you should take an adventure via foot – there’s even more to see! What better way to spend a summer’s day than exploring the Australian bushland on foot? Byron Bay offers a variety of walking trails perfect for families and is the perfect family day trip destination these holidays. New South Wales National Parks and Wild ...

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Raising (More) Conscious Travellers

Reducing environmental footprints, sustainable tourism and eco-tours is not just for grownups. With Australian families taking more holidays than ever before, and often to less-privileged locations, Carla Adams explores Australian and international experiences suited to families raising more conscious travellers. Release their inner organic farmer 1. At Byron Bay’s The Farm you’ll find organic flowers, fare ...

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Mountain Magic

If you haven’t trekked up Tamborine Mountain in a while, make sure you put it on your weekend to-do list soon. Adventure awaits. There’s something magical about Tamborine Mountain that draws my young children time after time. When I get them to sit down at the start of every school holiday and write me their holiday wish lists, a visit to Tamborine tops the list most seasons. While it’s called Tamborine “Mo ...

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Trip Down Memory Lane

Childhood memories of family holidays stick with you for along time. but its not always the most expensive, most far-flung or most unique elements of a holiday that are the most memorable to mini travellers. we asked this bunch about about their best holiday memories and were amused by their answers.   Grace, 7 New York Grace's fave holiday was to New York. "There's heaps of things to do there. We got ...

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Change is as Good as a Holiday

If a ‘real’ holiday is out of the question, why not find adventure in your own backyard? That’s exactly what haven’s Belinda and her family found on a day trip to Byron Bay recently. We all know that old saying, “A change is as good as a holiday”. When you don’t have the time or the budget for a full-blown holiday, a change of scenery, a change of routine and a change of pace is all you have to find. We fou ...

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