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Could You Help a Foster Child?

Could You Help a Foster Child?

Have you heard of Fostering Young Lives? It’s a service of The Benevolent Society –Australia’s first charity. Did you know that due to the current shortage of carers nationwide, children in need of foster care are being put in hotels and motels? The majority of children are aged 7-14 years and vary in their behavioural needs. A lot of the children in hotel placements have a diagnosed disability – either learning/developmental or physical. Some of the messages from the young people regarding their experience of being in the hotels is heartbreaking; they dislike the fact they don’t know who will be putting them to bed at night and who will be there when they wake up in the morning. Fostering Young Lives currently services about 200 children and in around 150 active carer households but they are keen to recruit more foster carers. There are loads of different forms of foster care and fostering doesn’t have to mean full-time permanent care, so maybe there’s a care style that suits your family’s lifestyle? If you are interested in learning more about foster care, the Foster Care Recruitment team is available at

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