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Hairstyles for the Festive Season

Hairstyles for the Festive Season

As the weather is starting to heat up what a better way to experiment with styles to work in with the holiday season. The Weekend Stylist has picked a few favourite styles for you to get inspired, pumped and ready for this summer.

Working with your natural hair texture, grab a section of hair from the front. Divide into two halves, with one half twist the hair until you reach the crown. Secure with hair tie, then repeat on other side. To finish off grab the two sections by weaving them together to hide hair tie at the crown, followed by pinning the hair to hold in place.

No time to blow dry? This style works best for a wet hair look. Comb hair into a low ponytail, secure with a hair tie. Grab the ponytail twisting hair around in one direction, slowly wrap it around the hair tie as if your creating a bun. Start pinning the hair to lock it into to place.

When it comes to wearing a hat whether it be disguising a bad hair day, being practical or a fashion statement piece the options are endless. Create this look by giving and illusion of a fringe around your face by sweeping the sections forward. Adding waves will give a gorgeous boho style this summer.

Hair accessories are one of the easiest ways to play around with hairstyles. Try this cute bow style by styling your hair into a low ponytail, tie a ribbon around the ponytail and finish off with an oversize bow. Experimenting with patterned scarfs will freshen up your stylish look this summer.

This half-back knot style is super easy. Taking a section of hair at the crown, wrap the ends into a bun by securing it with bobby pins. This is definitely a stylish look when you’re on the go.

Rocking the classic ponytail will be a great way to keep you cooler this summer. Opt for a higher ponytail at the crown as this will accentuate height, dress it up with mesh fabric around the ponytail to instantly jazz up your style.

First impressions last, try this glamorous look by creating a quiff at the crown. Secure the hair with bobby pins, allowing the ends to softly shoot out. Create a wavy curl to the mid-length of your hair for texture. You’ll never go out of style this season wearing this look.

What’s your go-to style when you’re not sure what to wear? I would love for you to share your ideas with The Weekend Stylist. Whether it’s smart-casual or formal you’ll find a style that will suit your lifestyle and personality.

Happy Styling!

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With over 20 year’s experience working as a hair stylist for award-winning salons in Brisbane, Michelle discovered that while she was able to transform clients in the salon, most of her clients struggled to maintain the look they wanted at home and in their everyday life. Her clients often told her "I don't know how to style my hair the same way as it is done in the salon!", "I want to curl my hair with the curling wand, but don't know where to start?" And as any hairdresser will tell you, we don't often have enough time in our appointments to sit and teach you the skills you need to master hair styling. The Weekend Stylist was created to teach and educate her clients to style and refine their own hair styling to reveal themselves in an authentic way, to provide the same empowerment they feel when they transform their look in the salon. Michelle is passionate about helping real women of all ages to break through the barriers and anxieties on how they style their hair and start styling their own hair with confidence and positivity. Michelle offers her clients the ability to master hair styling through knowledge as well styling know-how, using the tools and products they have at home. She identifies client’s areas of concern and offers practical advice to resolve the problems. Her approach gives everyday women the confidence to create and manage their own hair looks in between salon visits and when at the salon which will give the confidence to communicate their styling needs to their hairdresser //

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