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Lost Valley

Lost Valley

If you’re a fan of the movie Madagascar, you’re going to love the Lost Valley at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

The latest feature has proven once again why the park is one of the most popular attractions on the Gold Coast for both tourists and locals. And while a day at the Sanctuary ticks every box for a perfect outing for the kids, it’s the adults who are likely to appreciate its latest charm, Lost Valley.

Spread across five acres of land, it’s easy to understand why the name Lost Valley is so fitting. The enormous enclosure not only caters for the exotic animal its inhibits, but is also pays tribute to the Gold Coast Hinterland’s real and existing Lost World Valley which is a part of the Gondwana Rainforests in Queensland and New South Wales.

I was treated to a preview of the forgotten world, and it was magical. Walking up the windy path into the enclosure, the Aussie feel of the Sanctuary quickly transformed into an exotic world. I was surrounded by tropical flora which has recently become home to some unique fauna including Rig Tailed Lemurs, Cotton-top Tamarins, Red Pandas, Capybaras and numerous reptiles and birds. All the animals at the Lost Valley have been rescued or transferred from other zoos from across the country.

The group I was with was quickly greeted by two quirky Rig Tailed Lemurs, who had as much personality as puppies, fighting over food and showing off to the crowd. We were also greeted by a tropical Green Winged Macaw, who put on the most spectacular flight show for us.

As we walked around the elevated boardwalk, we could see just how much thought was put into creating the forgotten world, I felt like I was in the movie Rio!

Every tree and post was positioned in a way that would give the animals the most natural, sustainable and biological environment to thrive in, as well as allow those who wandered through to feel as though they were in a real rainforest. We were told that a row of wooden posts along the walkway had been hand-calved by local prisoners specifically for the habitat!

By the end of our tour we had almost forgotten we were still on the Gold Coast, and with the tropical vibe we left singing the words to the song “I like to move it, move it…”

The Lost Valley officially opens to the public on Tuesday 26 December.

Words // Katy Ferguson

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