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March Issue of haven // Out Now

March Issue of haven // Out Now

It’s ‘home time’ this month in the pages of haven and with so many topics to talk about (how to decorate, what’s trending, organisation, clutter and, of course, shopping inspo galore) the biggest question you should ask yourself is what makes a home? Is it a feeling or is it a place? Or both? As parents, it’s a pretty big job to create the best home we can for our families. Home is a blueprint of ‘us’ – our space, our style, our memories, our stuff and our safe haven.

They say ‘home’ is where the heart is and I couldn’t agree more. You see, I am an expat, having lived in Wales, Canada, Mexico, the Cayman Islands and I now call Australia home (hey, isn’t that a song!?). I definitely saved the best for last as I’m now a proud Aussie.

With 10 house moves under my belt in 17 years, that’s a lot of homes that hubby and I have created. We have renovated homes, built a home and rented homes but it was when the guy at Storage King started calling us by our first names that we knew it was time to properly settle down and get rid of our excess ‘stuff’. So we’re currently living minimalistically in a beach shack, with one closet (yes, one!). I continually reinvent our storage options and try to rid the clutter regularly. I have a cushion and quilt obsession (I wish I could update seasonally!) and I am saving for a new couch now the kids are almost over spilling their milk and wiping their boogers on the furniture. How hard is it to keep your house clean with kids? Geesh!

Decorating is not a talent of mine, so I am often on Instagram crushing on the pros (thankfully our team has compiled a rad list for some fresh ideas!) and I know that one day, decorating my home may become a priority again. Until then, I will watch reruns on the lifestyle channels – shows like Fixer Upper and House Hunters International. And our tribe is still dreaming of the day our home will one day be a catamaran on the sea. In my opinion, a home is simply where we are all together.

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