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Night at the Matt-seum

Night at the Matt-seum

Why would a furniture retailer invest in $58k worth of fake animals? To put the FUN into FUrNiture, that’s why!

Matt Blatt, the eclectic designer furniture retailer, has always claimed to be more about entertainment and excitement than traditional retailing, and the company is taking that promise to the next level with its latest arrivals.

The incredible new animal collection will turn showrooms into a magical menagerie, with a huge collection of fibreglass furry-friends – many life-sized – now on display, and on sale, in showrooms and online.

True to form, Matt Blatt invites customers to get up close and personal with the fabulous new zoo-inspired range and bring their families (and even their fur-babies) along to have some fun.

“We don’t see why you can’t have a fabulous flamingo by the pool or a giant giraffe in your office reception or a chimp atop your bookshelf at home,” said Adam Drexler, Founder of Matt Blatt.

Matt Blatt have always striven for the ‘wow’ factor, and love to take risks and experiment with every new product range. They encourage people to have a bit of fun with the new range both at home and in-store, and hope their clients will have a ball imagining the new animal collection in their own homes or workplaces.

“We’d love to see people bring their kids into the showroom to have a photo taken riding one of the animals, and we can’t wait to see the look of wonder on their faces,” says Adam. “Life’s serious, interior style shouldn’t be.”

Matt Blatt’s new animal collection features dogs, crocodiles, bears, monkeys, cows, snakes, ostriches, birds, pigs, tigers, turtles, zebras, camels, giraffes, horses, lions, and even dinosaurs. A number are also suitable for commercial use.

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