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Our Fave Parenting Bloggers

Our Fave Parenting Bloggers

Being a mum (or a dad) is a tough gig. Like a really tough gig…

There’s no sugar coating it – parenting is hard. This is something that existing parents agree on and new parents can look forward to (or fear).

When talking to a new mum recently she said she wasn’t too sure what to do or where to start with the whole parenting thing. Jokingly I replied, “just make sure he doesn’t die and you’re fine”. My friend didn’t bat an eyelid… With the fear of new parenting and so many unanswered questions, that was probably her strategy too.

While kids don’t come with a manual there are parents out there blogging about their own experiences and sharing their top parenting tips for us to learn from. Take what you want from these blogs and create your own parenting manual full of the rules according to you.

In the spirit of good parenting (and no we’re not talking about Vodka once they’ve gone to bed) here are some of the haven office’s favourite blogs filled with parenting tips and tricks to make your life less of a living hell.

Some of our favourite bloggers…

Here is a list of some of our favourite bloggers who have become our go to for parenting tips and tricks over the years.

Some of our favourite Instagrammers…

It’s not just bloggers we’re obsessed with – we love our Instagrammers too. Here are some our favourite Instagrammers.

Are we missing one of your favourite bloggers or Instagrammers? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!

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