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Pack Your Pet Pals

Pack Your Pet Pals

Stayz has recently released research on Aussies and our habits around holidaying with pets. Did you know, 71 per cent of us pet owners will take our beloved pet/s on holidays with us – and we’re not just bringing dogs and cats with us – fish, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, snails, birds and reptiles come on holidays with us too! Further responses from the research revealed:

* More than one in three Aussies will leave their pet at home if they can’t find pet-friendly accommodation

* 67 per cent say the most important factor when planning to take their pet on holiday is pet-friendly accommodation followed by pet-friendly parks/beaches nearby (19 per cent) and a vet in the vicinity (8 per cent)

* It’s not just dogs that are having all the fun. One in eight bring their cat with them on holiday.

* Just like humans have ‘special holiday items’ pet’s do too! Ninety per cent have a holiday toy or bed for these special occasions!

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