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School Holidays // A Juggling Act

School Holidays // A Juggling Act

So school’s not quite back yet, but you still have to work. How do you manage this?

It’s almost time for parents across the country to celebrate as we prepare to send the kids back to school. But how do you manage juggling the kids and your job throughout the end of the holidays?

Negotiate the arrangements with your boss, your partner and anyone else who can help to make this juggling act work. It might be that your boss lets you work from home twice a week or your partner takes leave during the school holidays.

Reach out to the relatives
School holidays are a great time for your kids to visit all their extended family – so you can keep working or have some peace and quiet.

Play dates
If relatives aren’t available kids can always spend time with their friends. They are bound to be excited about seeing some of their friends that they haven’t seen in weeks.

Work while they sleep
As painful as it sounds you might have to get up earlier to get some work done before the kids wake up or stay up after they go to sleep. You could always encourage the kids to sleep in!

Kids can be bored
If you’re working from home you don’t need to entertain your kids constantly throughout the holidays. It is perfectly fine for your kids to be bored. Some people would argue that our kids should be bored more often, but that’s an entirely different topic for another day.

If all else fails just curl up into a ball and scream. Actually, don’t do that.

We know being a working parent is tough – but you can do it!

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