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scout magazine // summer edition

scout magazine // summer edition

We’re about wanderlust… The spirit of adventure… The thrill of the chase… The unbeaten path. We’re about showcasing the best of the coast, the hotspots that locals know best.

Oh summer. You’re definitely one special season that we absolutely love! Bring on early starts, salty skin, sandy toes, holidays reads and icy cocktails!

What is a typical summer day for you on the coast? Will you seek out something sweet with your morning caffeine hit, take a bike ride to search for that local crafted keepsake or indulge in a massage? Explore our beaches and bush walks, chase waterfalls or find your fave iced coffee at one of our hip cafes? Maybe you’re feeling adventurous, want to get wet, want to hit the waves? Will you end the day with some street food and sweet tunes or a twilight picnic with takeaway fish and chips on Burleigh Hill? These summer days are ours to enjoy and you’ll find more local adventures in the pages that follow.

scout magazine is brought to you by the same team behind haven magazine. We’re no tourist mag or destination guide, we’re sharing stories, like locals do, about where we choose to hang and what we like to get up to on the Goldie. Now read on, get out and about and enjoy summertime on our stunning Gold Coast!

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