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Should Your Child Learn a Language?

Should Your Child Learn a Language?

Learning a new language can be challenging, but very rewarding for your kids.

There are some great benefits from learning a new language. In fact, learning a new language can help kids master English.

Kids are usually able to learn new languages quite easily. This is because young minds are like a sponge and absorb everything a lot easier. If kids learn a new language before their teenage years they are more likely to achieve proper pronunciation in their second language. This is because kids have an ability to acquire the rules of any language, which is something we lose as adults.

Once they have learned a second language it makes learning a third or even fourth language a lot easier. But like most things, they really need to stick at it if they want to become fluent. When it comes to the mind it’s use it or lose it!

So what are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of learning a language include:

  • Better problem solving skills
  • Better critical thinking skills
  • More creativity
  • Better flexibility of mind
  • Enhanced memory
  • Better multi-tasking abilities

Tips for learning a new language

So here are out top three tips for learning a new language:

  • Try out apps and websites

There are a lot of online tools, apps and games that can help kids and adults learn a new language. Using screen time to help your kids learn a new language can be really beneficial.

  • Practice makes perfect

You need to remind your kids to actually put in time to learn the language. It might even be worthwhile learning it with them so they can eventually have conversations in their new additional language.

  • Watch foreign TV and films

Watching foreign TV or movies while learning a new language can really help speed up the process. There are plenty of foreign kids’ shows that your kids could watch to help them master their new language.

Have your kids learned a new language? We would love to know how you helped them master it!

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