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The Gift of Teaching

The Gift of Teaching

It’s about this time of the year I often to get asked the question: “What kinds of gifts do you recommend for teachers for Christmas?”. In my 11 years of teaching, I received them ALL – candles, humorous coffee mugs, self-tanning products (I guess it was a hint?!), a crepe maker, alllll the chocolate you could ever dream of! I remember one year I hauled home seven boxes of Favourites chocolates!

In light of my experience both as a teacher and as a human, I would love to give you my top tips for choosing the perfect “thank you for educating our small person” gift ideas. But instead, I suggest you ask the question: What value do I place on the time, money, sweat and tears my child’s teacher has expanded to assist in developing my little one from who they were in January to who they are now.

Remember, there are around 1200 face-to-face hours in a year and I’d say around 500 hours preparing for those school hours. Sure teachers are paid for what they do (kind of), but the rest is fuelled by their passion to help your child kick goals and be a better person. So I say, go for gold when choosing your teacher gift!

This year, my son and I will be choosing something that tells his teacher we value her and her time. Something that says we are grateful that she woke up every day and chose to be a teacher, to help make him a smarter, kinder, proactive member of society. We will be choosing something she will be excited to start using straight away and will use often and will remember my son by and remember what an impact she made on him. Those types of gifts were, after all, my favourite gifts.

Words // Vanessa Nansen

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