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Top 6 Teacher Gifts

Top 6 Teacher Gifts

While we’re in the mood to celebrate, another group of people who need serious recognition at this time of the year are our kids’ teachers.

Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm (and beyond!), 10-odd weeks per term, four terms per year. Teachers might be paid to educate our next generations but they should also be showered with thanks for the lasting impression they make in every child’s life.

Be a Fun Mum blogger Kelly Burstow is a fan of the meaningful teacher gift. With four kids herself (the oldest just about to finish high school) and a big community of online parent followers, Kelly has serious insight when it comes to choosing just the right teacher gift.

“I also have many teachers in my circle of friends, and while teacher gifts are appreciated, it’s the heartfelt personal cards and messages from students and parents that mean the most,” Kelly says.

Through her Be a Fun Mum website and social media channels, Kelly ran a survey on the topic. After sifting through almost 400 responses, here are her Top 6 teacher-approved gift ideas:

1. Personal card/letter/drawing: Whether it’s a ‘Dear Teacher’ letter template, homemade card or a sweet message from your child, this is a gift teachers cherish.

2. Christmas tree decoration: A teacher friend explained how much she enjoys decorating her tree, remembering the children who gifted her with decorations over the years. The survey results showed many teachers feel this way. There are many simple homemade decoration ideas or purchase a ready-made decoration and attach it to a card.

3. Wine: Because 30 children for most of the year #nuffsaid

4. Stationery supplies: Something useful they can use in the classroom is always appreciated. Think stickers, Sharpies, stamps, sticky notes and storage boxes.

5. Homemade food: Interestingly, homemade food was popular among teachers, however, many also mention they do not like homemade food because of hygiene issues. That said, it still ranked highly, so if you are making treats for your teacher, include a note saying it was made hygienically.

6. Group gift: If you get organised early, pooling funds and purchasing a larger group gift is a great idea. Funds can be used to purchase vouchers for a massage, movie tickets, shopping centre/store gift card, handbag/luggage, maybe even a new umbrella.

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