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Use Screen Time to Get Kids Active

Use Screen Time to Get Kids Active

A Brisbane Mum and personal trainer have created an online family fitness program in hopes of using screen time to get families healthy. 

Kids Fit Australia and Family Fit Online founder Leah Chandler believe the best way to instil healthy habits into your children is to lead by example.

“It can be hard to create healthy habits in ourselves, let alone our kids because life is so busy,” Leah says. “Our 4-week program to teach families how to be strong, healthy, get fit and have fun together.”

The Family Fit Online program has four facets to help get your family fit.

Mindset and motivation

The first step in the fitness journey for any family is making sure you have the right mindset and the motivation behind you to keep fit.

The program helps you with this by offering weekly inspiration, challenges and goal setting strategies as well as rewards when you reach each goal. To help you shape your fitness program there are daily blogs and video tutorials suitable for the whole family.

Nutrition and shopping

After your mindset is in the right place it’s time to start thinking about diet. After all, they do say that diet can play up to 75 percent of the role when you’re trying to lose weight.

The program includes a library of healthy recipes with a new recipe added each week. On top of the array of recipes available there are also healthy pantry ideas and great shopping list recommendations to help keep the trolley full of delicious, fresh food.

Fitness and fun

Once you’ve got your diet on track, it’s time to start moving! With an extensive library of fun fitness ideas and training activities for the whole family, the program is the perfect way to get kids off the couch and moving. It also has music playlists for the whole family to help make exercising even more fun!

Connect and support

The fitness journey can be tough – especially if you’re trying to break out of old, unhealthy habits. Luckily the Family Fit Online program includes access to a Facebook support group for the lifetime of your membership so you can connect with other families just like yours.

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