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What to Bring When You’re Told Not to Bring a Thing

What to Bring When You’re Told Not to Bring a Thing

The holidays are just around the corner, and the family reunions, girls’ get-togethers and school breakup parties have already begun. Yep, it’s ‘Bring a Plate’ season.

Party hosts, listen up. We love you – you organise everything, open your homes to us and deal with the clean up after we’ve dragged ourselves home. But please, just once, would you tell us exactly what you want us to bring.

‘Bring a Plate’ anxiety is a real thing. The worry about whether your baked ham will be too much, and your rum balls not enough, consumes you for days – weeks, even – before the event arrives, and there’s nothing worse than the uncomfortable ‘thank you’s when you realise that what you’ve brought is all wrong.

But stress no more. With the help of the internet’s most respected chefs and bakers – including our personal favourite, Georgia from Well Nourished – we bring you a collection of fool-proof ‘Bring a Plate’ recipes to get you through this holiday season, and probably even the next one.

For the kids…

These Cheesy Pesto Christmas Trees by Kidgredients //

Fruit kebabs look great, and they’re a healthy alternative to regular kids’ party treats! Simply slice and dice up different fruits and stack them on a skewer.

Fairy bread – no recipe required.

For the girls…

Remember the 70s icon that was the cheese ball? They’re making a serious comeback! Simply mix cream cheese, grated cheddar, Worstershire or hot sauce and your choice of veggies and spices, then roll it all in curry powder once formed into a sphere shape.

Home-made dip – this hummus recipe by Epicurious is delicious. Add flat bread and it looks like you’ve gone the extra mile, but requires minimal effort.

These delicious pepita financiers with nectarines by Snixy Kitchen // 

For the BBQ…

You need a light, fresh salad to pair with all of the smoked meat, and this kale salad with apple, cranberries and pecans is perfect //

An easy punch recipe – equal parts ginger ale, tropical punch, lemonade (or spike it with champagne if you want an extra kick!) and garnished with passionfruit and mint is our personal favourite.

Pavlova is easy to DIY! Simply buy a premade one and top it with all of the fresh fruit you can get your hands on – flakes of chocolate or icing sugar sprinkles will make it look particularly mouth-watering.

For the family reunion…

‘Pin wheels’ – simply coat a sheet of puff pastry with tomato paste and cheese, slice into strips, roll and bake until golden brown

These Lamb Samosas by 4 Ingredients //

These Mars Bar Cheesecake Balls by Create Bake Make – perfect for family members of any age!

You can find even more ideas in Georgia’s feature in our latest ‘Celebrate’ edition // And, when all cooking, making and baking fails, just bring a box of Favourites…

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