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Workshop // New Year – New Hair

Workshop // New Year – New Hair

At the beginning of each year I’m always kicking off the New Year setting goals I want to achieve. This makes me feel inspired and wishful to see things come to fruition along my journey. Many times, I’ve experienced frustration as I question everything and sometimes perhaps confronting. The thing I’ve found fascinating during my own personal wellbeing is to focus on my health, check in with my emotions and how I would like to see the best version of me.

I want you to come and join me in positive aging by discovering your authentic self. Find the self-confidence to transform your hairstyle to compliment all parts of you. Be guided by your own personal hairstyle by understanding your hair type, face shape, skin tone and hair colour.

Personal Flair

No matter what profession you’re in or whether you are a devoted mother, it’s about maximising yourself worth by creating hairstyles to cater to every occasion that will compliment your face shape and bring out your authentic personality. Naturally people are drawn to your inner beauty, being able to express your style externally is truly beautiful, as I’m a believer of honouring all parts of who you are. The benefits of hair branding are to find easy ways to look as good as you feel. Experimenting with different styles will lead you to your personalized flair. Consistency is the key.

Choose the right hair colour

When selecting a shade of colour there are a few factors to take into consideration. Visually examine whether the colour is complimenting your skin tone. There is nothing worse than battling a hair colour that makes your skin appear dull and older. Don’t be afraid to experiment with tones which will flatter your skin, bringing a youthful healthy glow.

Allow me to take your style to the next level by showing you small changes to your routine without breaking your budget. Are you ready for your transformation?

The Weekend Stylist & Your Life Enhancement Factor present New Year – New You Workshop. We’ll guide you through a journey bringing positive impact on your life. To help you get started click on the link and let your transformation begin //

Happy Styling!

About The Author

Michelle Fortunaso

With over 20 year’s experience working as a hair stylist for award-winning salons in Brisbane, Michelle discovered that while she was able to transform clients in the salon, most of her clients struggled to maintain the look they wanted at home and in their everyday life. Her clients often told her "I don't know how to style my hair the same way as it is done in the salon!", "I want to curl my hair with the curling wand, but don't know where to start?" And as any hairdresser will tell you, we don't often have enough time in our appointments to sit and teach you the skills you need to master hair styling. The Weekend Stylist was created to teach and educate her clients to style and refine their own hair styling to reveal themselves in an authentic way, to provide the same empowerment they feel when they transform their look in the salon. Michelle is passionate about helping real women of all ages to break through the barriers and anxieties on how they style their hair and start styling their own hair with confidence and positivity. Michelle offers her clients the ability to master hair styling through knowledge as well styling know-how, using the tools and products they have at home. She identifies client’s areas of concern and offers practical advice to resolve the problems. Her approach gives everyday women the confidence to create and manage their own hair looks in between salon visits and when at the salon which will give the confidence to communicate their styling needs to their hairdresser //

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