Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? For most of us, the answers were pretty much the same – a vet, a teacher, even a sports star.

Now, there have never been more jobs for your kids to choose from – jobs they (and you) don’t even know exist.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 jobs your kids might not know about. Some are more complex, others are a bit of fun. Either way, you might just find your child’s calling.

Cyber security

Cyber security is fast becoming one of the most prestigious and in-demand jobs around. In fact, according to Fifth Domain, cyber security salaries are 20 percent higher than other tech roles and the cyber security workforce grown to a total of 26,500 workers in the last three years. But according to Dr. James Curran, CEO of Grok Academy, threats posed by cyber-crime is leaving a huge skill shortage in the industry. Australia will need 18,000 more cyber security workers by 2026 – will your child be one of them?

Graphic designer… for movies

Being a graphic designer is an amazing career – especially if you’d like to work freelance. But did you know that it could take you as far as Hollywood?! Next time you’re watching a movie, look out for everything from police badges to record covers to cereal boxes. Graphic designers created them all! There is endless work to be found on set as a graphic designer, and also a lot of fun.

Media quality control

Did you know that it’s someone’s job to sit in a theatre and watch films in full – often weeks or even months before they come out?! These people check to make sure the files are in order, subtitles and audio are in sync and there are no picture corruptions. They need to have fresh eyes to look for mistakes, so it requires little to no work on the film ahead of time. Many people get this job straight out of film school, as it’s a great introduction to the industry.

Game designer

Not just for video games, but also live action games, board games and even escape rooms, too! Game design requires more than just imagination – your child may need to have a degree or diploma in game or graphic design, be a great strategist and may even need a background in engineering. While it’s hard work, it’s certainly worth it for the fun and satisfaction they’ll have on the job.


Nope, we’re not talking about politics. This job has been around for centuries, but it’s often overlooked by kids who are planning out their gap years. Described as a well-educated child carer who helps children aged 6-16 in areas like academics, music, languages, arts, sports, etiquette and manners. Perfect for adventurous children, this job could see your child travel to outback Australia or even apply their skills in a European boarding school.

Flavour technologist

Yep, it’s a thing. These are the people who make sure your orange-flavoured lollipop tastes like oranges and so on. Flavour technologists spend their days conducting experiments, sampling produce, designing processes for consistency and evaluating performance results – it’s not an easy gig. Your child will likely need a degree in food science, nutrition or chemistry. If they’re looking for something less technical but still involving food, how about a food stylist?! 


It’s one of the must-know careers when it comes to finance, and for good reason – it’s really important work. Actuarial science applies mathematical and statistical methods in order to assess risks when it comes to insurance, finance and other similar industries. They apply rigorous mathematics to help create practical solutions for real-world problems, like determining life insurance policies or the probability of disease transmission.


If your kids want a job that sees them working with their hands, wrangling wildlife and learning the ins and outs of farm management, they should totally become a jackaroo/jillaroo. They’ll learn everything from how to change a horseshoe and crack a whip to how to muster and catch cattle or horses. It’s hard work, but they’ll get so much out of it.

Roller coaster engineer

Yep – engineering is a lot cooler than you might think! This job requires a formal background in electrical, structural or mechanical engineering. The good new is, after all that difficult study, your child could be rewarded with a job in one of the many international theme parks – every one of them needs a roller coaster engineer.

Marine archaeologist 

As you might expect, marine archaeologists examine the remains of past human activities – only, they do it underwater. They spend their days exploring and collecting artefacts from shipwrecks, lost cities and harbors and just about every body of water you can think of. When you think about the fact that the deep sea can be considered the largest ‘museum’ of human history – and that it remains largely unexplored – it’s a pretty exciting career path to consider!



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