We’ve all been there, the mornings where it’s a struggle to get everyone ready and out the door on time, only to catch a glimpse of yourself in a passing mirror mid-morning to notice you look like an absolute mess! Argh!!!

Here is my guide to a quick 10 minute ‘out-the-door glam’ to get us through the day looking A-OK!

1. Moisturise. Extra points if your moisturiser has a built in SPF to protect us from the Queensland sun. If you feel like you need extra coverage, add a little foundation in with your moisturiser.

2. Eyebrows. If they say eyes are the window to the soul, well eyebrows are the window frame. They frame your whole face and can give you an instant eye lift when done correctly. After brushing them neatly in place with a spooly (eyebrow brush), take a close look at where your brows need filling in. Do you have sparse areas? Do they stop short? Only fill in where it’s needed to avoid the heavy block brow look.

3. Concealer. Your concealer shade should be no more than 2-3 shades lighter than your complexion. Apply under the eyes, the centre of the eyebrows, cupids bow (upper lip) and chin to help balance out the lightness around the face.

4. Setting powder. You must use setting powder to set the concealer into place (this will help avoid the concealer creeping into those fine lines around the eyes and mouth). Also, if you happen to get oily anywhere throughout the day, like in the t-zone area, you can also brush some setting powder to counteract the oils and keep you looking matte and flawless for longer.

5. Bronzer. Time to fake a suntan and the fact that we haven’t had time to sit in the sun for far too long. Brush onto cheeks, around the hair line, (brushing back into the hair) add a sweep over the nose and onto the eyelids too (woohoo, we just skipped the eyeshadow).

6. Blush. No longer just for great aunts, blush brings colour back to your face and is an absolute must. Sweep blush onto your cheeks, a little higher than the bronzer. I love blush that has a slight shimmer to it, it will give your face a healthy glow and save time by skipping the highlighter.

7. Mascara. This is also a must… Depending on your time-frame, some mornings you may need to skip on some of these steps but mascara is something you should always give priority to. It will open your eyes and automatically help you look more awake and alive.

8. Lipgloss/lipstick. I always keep a lipgloss in my car as it can be applied just before you step out to face the day.

I know it’s hard to find even 10 minutes some mornings and that’s ok. But if you can try to fit in a little bit of time to ‘put yourself together’ in the mornings you will notice a big difference in the way you feel and how you tackle the day.

I have created a step by step tutorial over on my YouTube channel on this ‘out-the-door glam’. Follow along and next time you see yourself if your reflection, give yourself a wink.

Happy Painting Dolls.

Fellan Robinson

Fellan Robinson  

Makeup artist from Australia, YouTube beauty blogger, stylist, mummy and all round makeup and fashion addict // www.youtube.com