Self-care doesn’t have to mean treating yourself to an hour-long massage, or spending half a day in the salon refreshing your look (although we love doing that, too). Try adding a few of these simple rituals into your daily routine, and see how much better you feel!

Declutter one small space
Decluttering your house is a mission – decluttering that drawer in the kitchen is much, much more manageable. Focus your energy on doing a few small tasks properly every week, rather than promising yourself you’re going to take on a massive one (and then feeling guilty when you don’t get around to it). It doesn’t have to take up your whole day, either: clean out a folder while you’re on a phone call, or your handbag while you’re waiting to pick the kids up. Simple.

Take mid-week ‘holidays’
Whether it’s coffee with your bestie, a yoga class you wouldn’t normally head along to, or even just fifteen minutes drinking tea in the sun, there are so many ways you can take yourself on a ‘mid-week holiday’. All you need to do is figure out the things that get you really excited, and find time in your day – or, failing that, your week – to make them a priority.

Skip the screen-time
Is your smartphone making you sad? A 2018 study suggests that it could be. For most of us, our smartphone is the last thing we look at when we go to sleep at night and the first thing we look at when we wake up, but science tells us that this level of dependency can be seriously harmful to our psychological health. Try charging your phone in a different room to the one you sleep in to mitigate these effects (alarm clocks still exist, so that shouldn’t be an issue!).

Try some simple food swaps
Bloating, low energy and indigestion are three sure-fire ways to dampen your mood, and when they’re happening on a daily basis, you’re likely to notice an impact. Tune into which foods aren’t agreeing with your stomach, and try swapping them out for alternatives instead! We’ve done some of the hard work for you, with these fifteen food swaps you can try right now.

The mental and physical benefits of meditating have been cited time and time again, so we’re not going to sit here and tell you how amazing meditating is. Rather, we’re letting you know that meditation can take up as much or as little time in your routine as you need. Five-minutes of deep-breathing – or a guided meditation using one of the hundreds of apps out there – might just be all you need to reset and recharge. Failing that, force your brain to take a time-out from overthinking and pick up a good book. It can be just as therapeutic.

Practice gratitude
Constant busyness can be motivating, but it can also leave you feeling like you’re running on empty – and make you lose sight of what’s really important. Doing small, daily rituals that help you practice gratitude – like, for example, writing down five things that made you happy that day (not in your life, just for that specific day) – are an amazing way to re-centre your focus and help you count your blessings.

Dance like nobody’s watching
Never underestimate the power of a good dance party. Blast a playlist full of your favourite tunes while you get ready in the morning, in the car, or while you cook dinner, and you’ll be amazed at how much music can boost your mood. And don’t be afraid to let loose with the dance moves, too! Dancing has been said to help improve confidence and assertiveness, better your self-image and help us express ourselves.

Pamper yourself
We know we said that self-care doesn’t always have to mean a pamper session, but sometimes – when you’re feeling tense, tight or downright disgusting – a little beauty treatment can go a long way. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi, or, if you’d prefer, do one yourself! Taking a moment to sit and give yourself an excuse to stop chasing your tail can do wonders. If you need to pamper on the go, try putting on a face mask while you do laundry or cook dinner! And, if all else fails, run yourself a nice hot bath.

Make time for yourself
Whether it’s getting up fifteen minutes earlier than you normally would, or leaving enough time to sit and have a coffee before you start your day, make a concerted effort to schedule in moments to sit and be by yourself (not on your phone). Whether you’re simply enjoying the warmth of your tea or coffee on your hands, flipping through the newspaper or getting a quick stretch in when you wake up, never underestimate how good it feels to clear a bit of space in your schedule to do something you enjoy – even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Be creative
Letting your creative juices flow can have an amazing impact on your mood, stress and even your heart rate. Whether it’s knitting, drawing, painting or cooking, getting creative in one way or another is said to reduce dementia, boost your immune system, make you smarter and improve your mental health. If we can get all of that during a paint and sip class with the girls, we’d be crazy not to give it a go!



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