Kids – we love ‘em, but boy are we happy when we drop them off at the school gate for that first day back at school. Not because we don’t enjoy having them around – we totally do – but because, for many of us, it means a few extra hours of the day that we get to do what we want to do.

Hit the exercise classes
You heard us – we’re actually excited to exercise, which is a sign that we’re officially done with school holidays. The thought of leaving the house for an hour to get our sweat on is on par with a vacation right now, and we’re so excited for school to head back so that we can hit up our favourite workouts.

Indulge in a long breaky or lunch with the girls
For our kids, school holidays are the time for catching up with friends they don’t go to school with – for us, it’s the school term where we get to see our besties. Tee up a brunch or lunch date with your nearest and dearest to celebrate the return of the school term. You’ve earned it.

Have grown-up conversations
We’ve done plenty of socialising these school holidays, but the majority of it has been with people under the age of 18. We’re craving some adult conversation that doesn’t revolve around organising meet-ups for our kids and isn’t censored because there are children within hearing range. Is that really too much to ask?

All the beauty treatments
Whether it’s tending to your trotters or even just getting a wash and blow dry, the school term may give you the extra time to indulge in that beauty treatment you’ve been craving. Honestly, after hectic school holidays, we all need one.

Use the bathroom in peace
If you’re not keen on getting pampered by someone else, maybe you’re just keen to spend a bit of extra time in the bathroom without being interrupted? Whether it’s taking a long, hot bath or spending ten minutes scrolling through your phone on the toilet (we know you do it) there’s something liberating about being able to lock the door without fear of tiny fists tapping on it seconds later.

Throw ourselves into work
If you are working at the moment, you’re probably relishing the opportunity to spend six-plus hours in the office without interruption. Whether your kids are old enough to be left home alone during the holidays or you need to rely on your partner or extra help to take care of them, it’s hard to totally switch off when you’re in the office – often because they just won’t. stop. ringing you. If you’re not working, now may be the perfect time to start up that side hustle?

Watch a grown-up movie
We’ve been treated to a tonne of great kids’ movies these school holidays – honestly, ‘Toy Story 4’ was more for our own enjoyment than our kids’ – but we’re seriously looking forward to watching something rated M or higher. Whether you’re hitting the cinema for date night or curling up on the couch after the kids have gone to sleep, treating yourself to a movie you actually want to watch is a great way to spend your ‘me’ time.

Meal prep
It sounds like a boring one, but getting back into a good routine in the kitchen – even if it just means regular family dinners – is a luxury we really miss by the end of the school holidays. Having everyone in the house and sitting down to a nice dinner, or being prepared for school lunches with a fully-stocked fridge or freezer, is totally doable now that school’s back.

Drive alone
We feel like bad parents for admitting this, but those moments of quiet after you drop the kids off at school are practically orgasmic. No more “Can we come?”s when you say you’re leaving the house, and no more reaching behind you to break up fights while you’re sitting at a red light – car trips between 8.30am and 3pm are totally your time.

Clean their rooms
If your kids’ rooms are anything like ours, they probably look like a bomb site after the school holidays. We’re keen to get in there with the sugar scrub and a handful of garbage bags and clean up the aftermath. If we’re being less dramatic, we’re excited to have a couple of extra hours to organise their bedrooms so that they can really thrive this term.



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