The kids have finally returned to school, which mean we finally have some peace and quiet, but families will be leaving their homes empty and exposed to opportunistic thieves.

Queensland Police data shows there was an 18 per cent increase in crime year-on-year (from 2015 to 2016), which saw 9454 reported break-ins across the state.

Based on this, it’s time for families to check their home security before heading back to school and work.

Crime Stoppers CEO Trevor O’Hara says that Crime Stoppers sees an increase of crime at this time of year.

“We always remind people that just because the weather changes you still need to lock up and enjoy the cool breeze through security screen doors, which are locked,” Trevor says.

Meantime, Crimsafe CEO Jim Sturgess says the rise in break-ins is caused by an increased level of opportunity for thieves as families start to leave their homes unoccupied during the day again.

“The warmer weather also contributes, as families leave windows open to keep their homes cool. This creates opportunities for petty thieves, as well as more dangerous criminals,” Jim says.

Top ten tips to keep your family home safe and secure

  1. Use key operated locks on doors and windows – and don’t hide spare keys under doormats or in obvious places for crooks to find them easily.
  2. Don’t give burglars any privacy to work in, for example, keep plants trimmed around doors and windows and install sensor lights or CCTV cameras.
  3. Make your home look lived in even when you are not at home – leave a light on and the TV or radio playing.
  4. If you have an alarm system, make sure it is working properly. When alarms go off frequently by mistake, people start to ignore them.
  5. Don’t leave cash and keys out in easy view for opportunistic thieves.
  6. Mark valuable property with a microdot or engraving, so it is less appealing to steal.
  7. If you’re going away on holidays, set lights to come on with a timer and ask a neighbour to collect your mail and take care of bins.
  8. If you are going away for an extended time, notify the local police station that you will be away.
  9. Install Crimsafe security screens on all windows and doors to keep your family safe during the summer crime season.
  10. If you do hear an intruder in the home, don’t risk injury. Dial triple zero (000) at the earliest opportunity, leave the house immediately and go to a neighbour or somewhere safe to contact and wait for police.

Crimsafe’s strength lies in its combination of unique factors including superior quality materials and a Screw-Clamp™ fastening system that absorbs and disperses impact far better than wedging systems used by many other security screen products.

Visit www.crimsafe.com.au



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