Have you ever wondered what the secret sauce was to marketing your business and brand like a rock star? Let’s chat with an expert and yes the facts may just shock you.

Here’s what most Marketers WILL NOT tell you:

1. Marketing takes trial and error. The reason why so many companies lose so much money is not because of bad marketing, it’s because the wrong metrics are being tracked (or no metrics are being tracked) to ensure money and ROI marry together.

2. You can only have great lead generation results immediately if you start with a big list or an amazing offer. If you are starting from scratch, it will cost you more.

3. Only 1-3% of website traffic converts so you need to ensure you are putting through some serious numbers AND that when those clients arrive, the purchase process is seamless.

4. You need at least 3 pipelines or funnels to be operating at once, CONSISTENTLY to ensure success and sustainability.

5. Most people are sitting on a gold mine before they get stuck into marketing, they simply just don’t know how to recognise the opportunities and close the sale.

6. Some industries are easier to promote than others.

7. If you don’t have brand alignment and provide good service, it won’t be sustainable.

8. You have to invest a substantial amount to make a substantial amount. It’s relative.

9. It doesn’t happen overnight unless you are very lucky.

10. Marketing hasn’t changed, the platforms, funnels and number of touch points have. It’s always been and still is about providing EXCEPTIONAL VALUE and knowing what your IDEAL CLIENT wants intimately, when building a substantial business.

11. If you build too fast and don’t have strong foundations, you’ll destroy your brand. I’ve seen it happen so many times (I’ve come in to clean it up!).

12. Becoming an overnight success can take 2 to 11 years to achieve, for some!

Michelle O'Hara

Michelle O'Hara  

Michelle O’Hara, Business owner of 14 years, Business & Marketing strategist, International speaker and most importantly mother of 2 amazing young humans, is passionate about changing the way people run their businesses. She knows Branding & Marketing has changed in the last 10 years and has a gift of pinpointing and packaging up business’s unique points of difference. When it comes to creating and implementing strategic branding, marketing and sales strategies to promote products and services that attract all the right clients, she gets excited as the integrated “WOW customer experience” processes and “keep in touch” strategies keep clients coming back for more and more // www.ohmarketing.com.au