Bunny Easter Basket Craft

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Here’s a great idea for the children’s Easter Parade thanks to Family Crafts !!


Before you start any project it is easiest to gather together all of the supplies. For this project you will need:


  • Paper Plate
  • Construction Paper or Cardstock
  • Chenille Stem
  • Pom-Poms
  • Crayons
  • Craft Glue
  • Stapler
  • Scissors – Used for cutting the paper.
  • Wire Cutters or Old Scissors – Used for cutting the chenille stems.







To form the basket, which is also

the bunny’s body, fold the paper

plate in half and staple along the

rounded edge of the folded plate.

Leave about 4-inches along the top

open to fill.








Using construction paper or

cardstock, cut out a basket handle

about an inch wide and 12-inches

long. Also cut out your bunny’s

ears. I cut out 2 white ears and 2

smaller pink ear shapes to be the

inside of the ears.







Glue the strip of paper into the

opening on the curved side

of the plate to form the basket

handle. Then, glue the ears near

one side of the handle on both

sides of the paper plate as shown in

the picture above.











Use an old pair of scissors or a

wire cutter to cut a piece of

chenille stem into 3 equal pieces,

about 4-inches long.













To add the Bunny’s Whiskers,

Glue the whiskers onto the bunny

basket as shown in the photo









bunnybasket_step-9 6.

Next, glue a small pom-pom onto

the whiskers to look like the

bunny’s nose.


Then you can simply draw the

eyes onto your bunny using

crayons or even markers. If you

prefer, you can glue on wiggle

eyes instead.









Finally, glue a pom-pom (or you

can use a cotton ball) on to look

like a puffy tail. Once all the glue is

dry, you can fill this cute bunny

basket with Easter grass and treats!



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