20 Rainy Day Boredom Busters

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With all the wet weather we’ve had lately it’s hard to know if the school holidays will be full of sunshine and lots of outdoor play, or rain and being cooped up inside. If you don’t want to hear “I’m bored” or “what can I do now?” then it’s a good idea to plan ahead and have some ideas up your sleeve.

Here are some bright ideas for rainy days:

1. Build a cubby house – bring together chairs, couches, blankets and pillows and let the kids make a cubby house or fort.

2. Board games – get your collection of board games out of the wardrobe and have some fun with the whole family.

3. Dance – put some music on and let the kids have a little dance party. You could even turn it into a dance concert and have the kids do a performance after they have worked out their steps. This will provide hours of fun!

4. Sort through the toy cupboard – get all the toys out and decide what to keep and what to donate to charity. The kids will find toys they haven’t seen for ages and be occupied for a while.

5. Make play dough – it’s so much easier and cheaper than store-bought.

All you need is:

2 cups plain flour
4 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 tablespoons cooking oil
I cup salt
2 cups hot water
Food colouring

Mix it all together. You can add glitter or coloured sand to make it pretty.

6. Make a movie – get out the video camera and let the kids make a movie. You will be amazed at the level of creativity they have and you never know, you could be living with the next Steven Speilberg!

7. Make a book – ask the kids to think of a story and then make it into a book with the text and illustration. This could also be a great gift idea.

8. Indoor bowling – set up some plastic bottles or stand up books, anything that can be easily knocked over, but not broken, and grab a tennis ball for a friendly game of bowling.

9. Re-decorate the kids bedroom – try a new theme for the bedroom, maybe add some more wall stickers or posters. You could even rearrange the furniture and try a new layout.

10. Plan a treasure hunt – write down clues for around the house and have the kids find the treasure.

11. Make a vision board or collage – cut up old magazines and paste pictures on a piece of cardboard. The older kids could paste pictures of things they want or places they want to go.

12. Bake or cook – ask the kids to help bake cookies or a cake, let them do most of the work while you supervise with a cuppa. Let the kids make all the meals for the day. They will learn new skills and you get a day off from cooking.

13. Reading or singing – cuddle up on the couch with pillows and blankets and read some story books together, or get out the old family photo albums and take a trip down memory lane. Have a singing competition and get the kids to dress up too.

14. Have a picnic – lay a blanket on the floor and have a picnic at home. Pretend you’re all in a park on a fabulous sunny day and have some quality time together talking about anything and everything.

15. Watch home movies – the kids will love seeing themselves when they were younger. This is always a winner and it starts long conversations about past times.

16. Write letters – ask the kids to write a letter to their grandparents or aunts and uncles, and decorate them with stickers and drawings.

17. Masking tape on the floor – buy some cheap masking tape, the kind that that comes off easily, and make a hopscotch outline, or a road and then get the cars and toys out to make a little city. Or spell out words and just get creative!

18. Art and craft – get the pipe cleaners and glue and beads and fabric and the list is endless! The kids can make gifts for family and friends for upcoming birthdays and holidays.

19. Make a story book tape – record yourself and the kids reading a book, with all the voices and noise effects. The outcome will be so much fun to listen to.

20. Movie marathon – grab some popcorn and watch movies together, and you never know, you might even be able to sneak in a nap!

Armady Dhanoya

Armady Dhanoya