Whether it’s childminding services or activities around town, the cost of the school holidays can really add up. Lighten the load on your bank account and give some of these free activities a go over the coming weeks!

  1. Do a playground crawl by visiting the best playgrounds in your local area – at the end of the school holidays, everyone can vote on which one was their fave!
  2. When the kids are bored of their own games, teach them one from your childhood. We listed our favourite old school games right here.
  3. Get the kids cooking! Head here for inspiration.
  4. Set up a scavenger hunt by hiding random household items and giving clues as to where each one is. They could even set up their own scavenger hunt!
  5. Spend the day doing something for others by volunteering.
  6. Have a movie marathon and binge one of these shows or movies, or these family-friendly favourites.
  7. Since you’ll be spending more time inside, do a spring clean – yes, even though it’s not spring – organising the kids’ toys and clothes, the pantry and cleaning out “that drawer” (we’ve all got one).
  8. When you’re done, host a garage sale! Not only is it free – you’ll even make money.
  9. Upcycle old furniture or clothing you find around the house (YouTube and Pinterest are overflowing with ideas!).
  10. Get artsy with one of these ideas.
  11. Or get inspired at a local art gallery! We’ve listed our favourites right here.
  12. Do a 1000-piece-plus puzzle, even if it takes the whole holiday (if you don’t have one, borrow one from a friend or family member – why not set up a puzzle swap between a small group?).
  13. Hit the beach! From beach games to picnics, there is plenty of fun to be had now that the weather is warming.
  14. Get organised for next term – think chore charts, weekly schedules and setting up a ‘launch pad’. Some of these tips will help!
  15. Spot native plants and birdlife at your local botanic garden.
  16. Get creative with these tips from artist Beci Orpin.
  17. Have a family read-athon. Whoever reads the most pages throughout the holidays wins!
  18. Visit your local library. There is so much free fun to be had there!
  19. Go for a bike/scooter/skateboard ride together as a family.
  20. Or visit a new skatepark in your area – here are our favourites.
  21. Go camping – or just pitch a tent in your backyard for a night under the stars!
  22. Try a free class with City of Gold Coast’s Active and Healthy program.
  23. Visit a market – here are a few to look forward to.
  24. Set up an obstacle course either inside or in the backyard – get creative with pieces of furniture you have lying around, or let the kids lead the way!
  25. Just chill. You don’t need to spend the school holidays ticking off your ‘to do’ list or ensuring the kids are occupied at every second. Prioritise enjoying family time and the rest will fall into place.


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