How many times in your adult life have you stopped and thought, “Wait, why have I never learned that?”. Here are 25 important life lessons that we think all children should know by the time they fly the coop.

How to…

  1. Cook eggs, in several different ways
  2. Change a tyre
  3. Save and manage their money
  4. Do their own washing and fold clothes properly
  5. Tie a tie
  6. Sweep the floors properly (did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to do this?!)
  7. Put a doona in a doona cover
  8. Keep an indoor plant alive
  9. Dining table etiquette (eg. placing their knife and fork together on the plate at the end of a meal)
  10. Address an envelope (yes, we are talking about real snail mail)
  11. Do their taxes
  12. Cut different fruit and vegetables properly (think, mangoes and avos etc)
  13. Sew a button on
  14. Set the table
  15. Do basic first aid
  16. Check their car’s fluid levels
  17. Remove a stain
  18. Properly greet people
  19. Catch public transport
  20. Wash dishes by hand
  21. Wrap a gift
  22. Use a hammer and screwdriver
  23. Change a lightbulb
  24. Measure something
  25. Say sorry (and mean it)

What other things would you add to this list? Send your ideas through to editor@havenmagazine.com.au and keep your eye on our socials in the coming weeks!



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