The first week of school is done and dusted (in Queensland, anyway), but some of us are still trying to get the kids back into their school routine.

While parenting might seem like a challenge at the best of times, getting kids back into the daily grind of nine-to-three days, after six weeks of holidays, can be a real challenge. We held a pop quiz in the haven magazine office and came up with our Top 3 tips to help all kids – and families – get back into the routine of school after the big break:

Back to sleep routine
After a string of sleepovers, sleep-ins and just generally not sleeping it’s time to get the kids back into the school sleep routine. To encourage the earliest bed times you need to have earlier dinners and ban electronics before bed to minimise the impact of their blue lights.

Enforce an after-school routine
While they’re still in their school headspace get the kids to complete their homework as soon as they get home. Use this time to make sure bags, shoes and library books are put in the same spot every day – this makes getting ready for school in the morning easier without one of them howling down the hallway “I can’t find my shoes”.

Make a weekly chart
Many kids have to do A LOT in the school week. Between extra curricular dancing, gymnastics, flute lessons, netball, drama club, oh, and learning, there’s a lot going on for many of our kids. A weekly chart outlining all of their school and extra curricular activities will keep them (and you!) organised.



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