Are your kids crafty? Want to give them a DIY project this school holiday period? These days many children miss out on the joy of making something with their hands. With so many things that parents can buy for their children, it’s no wonder many kids are missing out on vital hand and creative skills. If you want to give your children something fun to do while allowing them to develop their creative skills, the following are 5 easy and cheap DIY crafts that kids can make by themselves.


Easy to make craft ideas for your children…


Water Bottle Piggy Bank

A water bottle piggy bank allows your children to not only have fun but learn how to save money as well. To make a water bottle piggy bank your children will need:

  • An old water bottle
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Marking pen

To make this colourful piggy bank all your children have to do is first cut a slit into the side of the bottle for the coin slot. Next cut out a pair of ears, a tail, and a piece of paper that is the same size as the centre of your bottle when wrapped around it. Next lay your bottle on its side and wrap your large piece of paper around the centre to create a colourful pig body. Using glue or sticky tape attach the ears to the top of the bottle and the tail to the back of the bottle. Scrunch 4 pieces of paper into small balls and glue each one at each corner of the bottle for feet. Next cut out a small round circle the size of the lid and glue it to the lid. Take a pen and draw two eyes on the top of the bottle below the ears and two nostrils for the nose on the piece of paper covering the bottle top. Allow the glue to dry and your pig is ready for saving money.


Tin Can Wind-Chime

Creating a wind chime can be great fun and can really boost your children’s skills. To make a tin can wind chime you will need:

  • 5-6 old clean small tin cans with the top cut off
  • A metal circle ring that’s about 20-30cm across
  • Lots of string
  • Colourful paint
  • Colourful paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Paper clips
  • Hole punch

To make a tin can wind chime, first your child will need to paint the tin cans in an assortment of bright colours and patterns. While these are drying they can then cover their metal circle in coloured paper until you can’t see the metal underneath. Next, with a little parent help, punch a hole in the base of each of the tin cans. Take the string and thread it through the hole before attaching a paper clip. Make sure the paper clip is on the inside of the tin can. Once the string is threaded through the can and attached with the paper clip, measure different sizes of string for each tin can before cutting and attaching them to the metal ring evenly right around the circle. Tie a hanging string to the top. Once you have attached all your tin cans simply hang it out in the wind.


Stuffed Legless Sock Toy

A legless stuffed sock toy can become your child’s best friend. To make a sock toy you will need:

  • A pair of old socks
  • A marking pen
  • Cotton Wool
  • String
  • Coloured cardboard and sticky tape

To make your stuffed legless sock toy, your children can start by filling an old sock up with cotton wool. Once the sock is full take the end and tie the bottom using the string to hold the cotton wool in place. Next take the marking pen and draw eyes, a nose and a mouth onto it. Once this is done, cut out the arms with the coloured cardboard and stick them onto the sides of the sock. Your sock toy is ready for playing.


Pet Rock Buddies

Having a pet rock buddy is something that truly is unique. To create a pet rock buddy your child will need.

  • A smooth hand size rock
  • Colourful paint
  • Fake craft eyes
  • Glue

To make a pet rock buddy you can first start by painting the rock in any colour or pattern that you desire. When it’s dry you simply glue the eyes at the front of the rock and its ready to be named. It’s that simple!


Fish Plate

A fish plate is a great way to decorate your child’s room. To make a fish plate you will need.

  • A set of white paper plates
  • Coloured cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured paint
  • Marking pen

To make your fish plate simply paint one large paper plate in the colour and patterns you want your fish body to have. Next cut out a tail and fins from the coloured cardboard before gluing them to the back and sides of the fish. Take the marking pen and draw an eye on the front of the plate. Take the scissors and cut a small triangle near the eye but at the edge of the plate for the mouth. Your fish plate is ready for wall hanging.



When it comes to creating something amazing, your kids will love and enjoy every moment of it. So why not give them something interesting to make with these great ideas. You never know what creative spark will ignite within them. So which one did they choose first?


Martha Goop

Martha Goop  

As a crafter, Martha loves to share her creativity with readers around the world. 10 years of crafting experience give her the knowledge to share all kinds of techniques, and projects she has worked on over the years. Martha’s love extends to children’s crafts, fabrics, and artistic creations anyone would love to wear, use or decorate with. She is especially active through the Ebony Craft project and blog where you can read all about the different but easy crafts you can make in a jiff // www.ebonycraft.com.au