Managing your social media marketing activities involves creating various types of content. As we have discussed in previous articles, visual content performs better than plain text or links. It is something that has to do with the way our brains are made up – allowing us to understand messages transmitted through the visual channel faster and for a longer time than other types of messages.

Therefore, a big part of your work should consist of developing and sharing photos, infographics, and so on. Of course, you can outsource this activity to a designer, if you have little available time and can afford the cost. But if you are a new entrepreneur, with a very limited budget to run your start-up, the only option is to prepare this visual content all by yourself.

Do not be afraid, you do not have to start learning how to use complex graphic design computer programs (which are also expensive to purchase). There are many online tools and mobile apps which help you create stunning graphics without any kind of specific knowledge. They are specifically created for people like you, who have to be their own graphic designer, marketer and advertiser. Today we will recommend you the top five free tools to help you create your graphics and images for the social media:

1. Canva
Canva is the all-in-one tool for your graphic design needs. From your Facebook™ cover photo to opt-in landing pages, you can create every kind of graphic you need using this free online tool. Besides the rich library of templates and free high resolution images licensed under Creative Commons Zero (free for personal and commercial use), you will also find lots of tutorials which will help you learn the best practices in designing great looking email newsletter templates, website pages or graphics for your social media accounts.

2. Piktochart
Infographics are the best medium for presenting information containing lots of numbers, percentages, etc. in a reader-friendly manner. The statistics show that in just two years after their introduction, the search volume of infographics increased by 800%. This means that people love them, so you should try to organise and present your content as much as possible in this format.

Piktochart is here to help you create your own infographics for free. It features over 400 templates and icons, which cover the most popular business-related topics. Of course, templates have their limitations in terms of creativity, but this is a good way for you to start learning how to create your own.

3. Google Drawings
When you really want to express your own creativity, without coming up with cringeworthy Microsoft Paint images, Google Drawing is your friend. This application from the Alphabet giant offers a professional look to your designs and allows you to create your visual content on a transparent background – a useful feature if you plan to transpose your graphics as a layer over other graphics, such as a CTA button over a landing page template.

4. Quotes Cover
One of the most engaging types of social media visual content is a quote placed on a visually related background. With Quotes Cover, you can pick the best lines from your articles and blog posts, or celebrities’ quotes, and place them on a wide selection of high quality background images.

5. PicMonkey
Forget about expensive software for photo editing, such as Photoshop and Lightroom. With PicMonkey you can work on your photos like a professional, editing everything from the colour chart to the contrast and brightness until you are completely satisfied with the end result. You can also crop, resize and flip your photos, as well as add text over them or place them in frames.

As you can see, you have plenty of free options to choose from when it comes to preparing your visual content for the social media. All you need is the dedication and drive to create the best images you can to support your online marketing efforts.

Phil McGregor

Phil McGregor  

Phil has a strong reputation for being Australia's leading expert on Facebook Advertising. He has presented to thousands of business owners and marketers both nationally and internationally. Phil is passionate about sharing his firsthand knowledge of how to harness the true potential of Facebook Advertising via live-on-stage events, masterclasses and workshops. Phil started his career as an Intelligence Officer for the Australian Police Force, with an entrepreneurial spirit and clear passion for generating a strong return on investment, he made the leap into his own business in 2003.