It’s been around for some 30 years and is backed by scientific studies but have you heard of Hypoxi?

This fancy sounding word is a fat burning method that combines light aerobic exercise with the application of alternating high and low pressure vacuum technology. The theory behind it is that by drawing the circulation to the surface of stubborn fat stores, your body is able to mobilise these fat deposits and burn them as an energy source.

5 Reasons to try Hypoxi:

1. Low impact: the machines only require stationary cycling of your legs, like riding an exercise bike. This would be great for people wanting to get back into exercise after some time off with injury.

2. Low fitness level required: a heart rate monitor is used to ensure you are training in the appropriate zone to burn fat. This means that for most people you are required to cycle your legs at a slow-moderate pace.

3. Tone and trim down: The combination of light cardio exercise and the alternating high and low pressure generated around your lower body in the machine means that you can target stubborn fat around your hips, lower stomach, bottom and thighs.

4. Time saver: 30 minutes of exercise with Hypoxi is apparently equivalent to 90 minutes of regular exercise. Added bonus is that you can be reading, scrolling on your phone or just chilling out whilst you cycle so you’re effectively achieving two things at once.

5. Suitable for Women and Men: with stubborn fat around the stomach hips bottom and thighs. Depending on your body shape and which areas are of concern, Hypoxi has a machine to suit.

Hypoxi is a very simple form of exercise that combines technology so that you are exercising ‘smart’. I tested the upright machine. It simply involved putting on a heart rate monitor, then my Hypoxi-coach assisted me with putting on the wet-suit like skirt that connects into the machine to create the vacuum seal.

Based on my age, weight and goals I was set a personalised program into the Hypoxi unit. For the next 30 minutes I cycled my legs gently, keeping my heart rate and speed in the required zone as directed. Throughout the session you feel a gentle suction around your lower body as the machine creates a vacuum and changes the pressure around your stomach, hips and legs.

To achieve optimal results it is recommended that you go 3 times per week for four weeks. Hypoxi on the Gold Coast have a very informative website, head over there to learn more and claim your free trial.


Yasmin Matthews

Yasmin Matthews  

Yasmin Matthews is a qualified Osteopath and has owned and operated Allied Health clinics with her husband for nearly 20 years. She has three school aged kids who keep her on her toes. ​​With a love of all things pampering, she is on a mission to inspire others to prioritise their own health and wellbeing // www.pampersampler.com