‘Tis the season to clean, and clean well. But a good spring clean often means working smarter, not harder, and these are the products to invest in to do exactly that.

Koh Spray Mop bundle

Koh has become synonymous with easy cleaning here in Australia. Customers have fallen in love with their clever, comprehensive cleaning kits – especially their Spray Mop bundle. It does it all! Your starter pack comes with a universal cleaner, spray mop and five pads, microfibre cloths and more. It’s everything you need to embrace spring cleaning (while you’re full of motivation!).

Robot vacuum

Imagine if we told you that you could go about your day, whether it’s hours in the office, working from home or driving the Mum’s Taxi here, there and everywhere, and know that your floors were being automatically vacuumed all the while? Well, they can! Robot vacuums aren’t new, but they’ve certainly improved the technology in recent years – now, they’re a must-have. Why not invest in a robot mop while you’re at it?

Stay Glassy window cleaner

Not all window cleaners were created equal – anyone who has tried a few will agree. Pleasant State’s ‘Stay Glassy’ non-toxic window cleaner is among our favourites, and it’s not just for its punny name. We love the no-streak clean it delivers and the fact that there are no nasty surprises in its formula, not to mention the fact that it’s zero-waste. Yep, you could lick your window after using it (but why would you undo all your “hard” work?).

The Resparkle all purpose cleaner

When it comes to cleaning products, everyone wants a one-hit wonder – that is, a product that does everything in one hit! Whether it’s grime and grease, bathroom tiles, windows, stovetops or even pots and pans, Resparkle’s All Purpose cleaner is truly all purpose. Their reusable glass bottle and product sachets also help you cut down on your plastic waste. Win, win!


Okay, this isn’t an ‘item’ per se – rather, an infinite resource. We can thank TikTok for a lot of things (dance trends, belly laughs and our ever-increasing daily screen time reports, to name a few) and it’s officially impacted our cleaning habits, too. Whether you’re wondering about the proper way to clean a toilet seat, how to dry your dishes in the dishwasher or the best way to remove shower grime once and for all, #Cleantok should be your go to.



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