(Or should I clarify – missed opportunities)

Now you can turn these into a few quick wins for you to take away an implement in your business ASAP!


1. MISSED OPPORTUNITY:  Not knowing who are you talking too!

Who is your target audience? Now, something I hear a lot when I ask who is your target market is ‘everyone’ – it can’t be everyone. That is like trying to drink the whole ocean. Get really familiar with them, give them a title/name, consider their:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Status – Single etc
  • Working?
  • Sports?
  • Car?
  • Clothes?
  • Read?
  • Listen too?
  • Spare time?


2. MISSED OPPORTUNITY:  No lead / email capture

So many businesses make this crucial mistake – by lead capture I mean address book in the sky! You need to build an email database of your customers. Why is this important – it is great to have likes – but we don’t own Facebook! It could shut down tomorrow and then what happens – you have no direct link to you those people who are supporting you and have ‘expressed’ a clear interest in your business?

  • So where do we start?  We grow a list!


Consider your current customers first! How do you communicate with them? Do you have their email addresses? Phone numbers? Only Face to Face? What about invoicing – do you email them your invoices/statements?

Each point of contact is an opportunity to request their email address and add it to your list IF you don’t have accounting software or a list to start with! Do you have a list of your clients in your accounting program? Ta-da you are on your way!


3. MISSED OPPORTUNITY: No social media

Social Media offers us a massive opportunity to engage with our customers like we have NEVER been able to before. Your FB page and your website is your online 24/7 shop front so make the most of it!

Consider also – when you have visitors to your website this is the ONLY place you have 100% of their attention – that’s right – 100%! SO MAKE YOUR MESSAGE CLEAR AND LOUD! Consider your target market – where are they on social media…If you aren’t sure ask them and pick one!


4. MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Focussing on new vs. previous clients

Quite often in business we get swept up in the whole ‘We need more customers!’ mentality vs. the ‘let’s focus on those who already know like and trust us!’ Technical terms – customer acquisition vs. retention – or new vs. old.

It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer vs. loving and reselling to your current ones… I know where I would be putting a chunk of my marketing bucks!


5. MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Not having a clear goal for your marketing activities!

Ever heard the saying – I know 50% of my marketing budget works, I just don’t know which 50%… Well this is usually a result of NOT measuring and testing activities!

Would you drive to a destination without a map – if you hadn’t been there before? (And it wasn’t signed!)  How can you measure your ROI if you haven’t set a clear goal to measure it against!

Set clear goals! Consider both short and long term. They don’t have to be too technical… Goals can include:

  • No of enquiries
  • Cover the cost of the advert
  • Generate brand awareness
  • 5% growth over the course of the year


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Tolita Dukes

Tolita Dukes  

Tolita Dukes is the creative brain behind 8 Seconds, a marketing agency located in the beautiful, Whitsundays. With backgrounds in tourism, sales and marketing, Tolita is passionate about helping small business and demystifying marketing. Delivered with intelligence, energy and honesty, helping clients realise their business aspirations through dynamic marketing strategies. 8 Seconds, the average human attention span. Get noticed! // www.8seconds.com.au