As a mother of three, co-owner of Pilates & Co and founder of Pilates & Co Teacher Training, few people are better equipped to talk through the highs and lows of being a pilates instructor than Belinda Survilla…

When I think back to the time I did my very first teacher training, it was something I did based on pure gut instinct. I wanted to immerse myself into the practice that I loved, that helped me feel good in my body. I had no intention of teaching; I thought that was for the actual teachers and people who were much better at their Pilates practice than me. I found out that all my preconceived ideas about who a Pilates teacher is and what they need to be exceptional were so off the mark. 

As I moved through my Pilates career and began hiring and training teachers, I quickly learned that those thoughts and feelings I had were common industry myths. It’s time to bust them…

You can make a living as a full-time pilates teacher

This is a big one! Investing in quality teacher training is time and money that is well spent. Pilates studios are multiplying with no sign of slowing, and studio owners will fight for good teachers that know their stuff!

You do not need to have loads of experience to be a pilates teacher

This one pops up in questions a lot! ANYONE can be a Pilates teacher if they want and work for it. With some skills in teaching movement effectively, some Pilates repertoire and a good amount of practice – you can become a fantastic Pilates teacher. Many people join teacher training because they have just discovered Pilates and had a revelation that this is what they want to do with their life – go with that feeling, you won’t regret it!

You do not need to be able to do all the advanced repertoire to be a good teacher

This can be a big blocker for a lot of potential teachers. Every teacher I know has some repertoire that they find challenging. Pilates is a practice; your students don’t expect you to be a ‘perfect practitioner’ (whatever that is). They expect you to be skilled in teaching, be relatable and care about their practice.

You can find a training mentor that has an open-door policy

Knowing you can continue to learn from your mentors is really important! Teacher training is fun and fast, and…then what? To be able to reach out for help and advice after the training is complete means you’re never alone, and it can feel a little lonely if you don’t have a great community around you. We have an open-door policy to ensure our students always feel supported and part of our community.

Accreditation is not needed to become a qualified pilates teacher

There are two types of Pilates accreditation, Government accreditation is offered by RTO’s and they deliver Certificate and Diploma courses. Then there are private accreditation companies like Fitness Australia and the PAA. 

Neither of these options is a Governing Body in Pilates, and you don’t require training or membership to become a qualified Pilates teacher in Australia or internationally. 

As a studio owner who has hired loads of teachers, I can tell you that we hire based on your personality and the quality of teaching. Where you did your training and what memberships you’re a part of are not part of our considerations in hiring you.

Pilates & Co.

Pilates & Co.  

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