Did you break out into a cold sweat when you looked at your calendar and realised the school holidays were back once again? Don’t fret – we’ve rounded up a whopping 50 school holiday ideas to pass the time, rain, hail or… whatever the next month throws our way.

  1. COVID has lingered for over a year, but we still need to tap into that community spirit that got us through the first time. Making positive signs with your children to display in your windows or on your fence is a great way to do exactly that!
  2. Enjoy some old fashioned fun and make and race gutter boats – the perfect rainy day activity!
  3. Be inspired by the change of season with our ideas for nature play
  4. Or get into the Easter spirit with one of these craft activities
  5. Make ice cream (before it gets too cold!) – click here for peppermint, or here for choc-nut
  6. Plant a flower garden – each child can pick one flower to plant and care for over the holidays
  7. Craft a ‘busy book’ for your toddler or preschooler
  8. Go geocaching
  9. Build a cubby using blankets, chairs… you name it!
  10. Take a road trip – these are just a few of our favourite places
  11. DIY some face masks – you never know when you’ll need one on hand
  12. Make jewellery – we particularly love the glass beaded jewellery that’s trending right now, and you can support local businesses by purchasing supplies on Etsy
  13. Learn how to roller skate
  14. Make (and then play with) you own playdough – this recipe is sooo fluffy and lasts for ages
  15. Show the kids your favourite old movies
  16. Or rewatch some of their childhood favourites (yep, ‘Shrek’ is still amazing!)
  17. Seasonalise your home – we’ve got the ultimate guide
  18. Do an at-home science experiment – there are so many to be found online
  19. Tap into your inner artist with some chalk drawings on your driveway or footpath
  20. Bake something (we love these healthified versions of classic favourites)
  21. Shake something (check out our mocktail round-up!)
  22. Or put that Easter chocolate to good use
  23. Have your kids keep a school holiday diary to monitor all the fun they have (it makes a good reference for the next round of school holidays, too!)
  24. Keep them learning with these online resources
  25. Or enrol them in a school holiday day camp
  26. Grow your family by adopting a pet – find out which one is right for your family right here
  27. Go on a park crawl
  28. Embark on a wardrobe organising mission – here’s how
  29. Then, ‘thrift flip’ your old clothes – YouTube is brimming with ideas!
  30. Fill any wardrobe gaps with some winter clothes shopping (and keep the kids entertained with the Easter and school holiday activities on offer at your local shopping centre!)
  31. Hit one of these local skate parks
  32. Or get on your bike and roll along one of these local bike tracks
  33. Play backyard games – these are our faves
  34. Celebrate the start of the cooler weather with a hot chocolate at one of these local spots
  35. Get a sweat on with a mountainous hike! These are our favourites
  36. Find your child a pen pal
  37. Ensure your kids are set for life by teaching them these skills
  38. Start a new TV or movie series, as a family
  39. Play beach volleyball or soccer at your local beach or park
  40. Enjoy a few family nights out – kids eat free at these local spots
  41. Have a puzzle race! Each child can choose their own puzzle (they should all be roughly the same level of difficulty depending on their age) and see who can complete theirs first
  42. Go on more picnics (you don’t need to leave your home to do this, but if you do, visit these places)
  43. Have them learn arts and crafts on YouTube – we love Art for Kids Hub
  44. Whip out the face masks and nail polish for an at-home spa day
  45. Play your kids favourite video games with them (if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!)
  46. Knit something cosy with these ideas
  47. Catch up with your friends, keep the kids entertained and support a local business by eating at a kid-friendly cafe – find a few of our favourites in our ‘Out + About’ section
  48. Or stay in and let the kids cook one of these kid-safe recipes
  49. Soak up the last of the warm weather and spend whole days at the beach (including fish and chips for lunch)
  50. Have a ‘Yes Day’ – the kids get to choose what you do for one whole day, but one day only!


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