For busy mums, fashion feels like a bit of a foreign concept – we’re lucky to have time for a shower and feed ourselves.

Do you ever see another mum with winged eyeliner, perfect hair in her effortlessly chic outfit with a toddler and just think, “What the ****?”

Motherhood can be hectic. It can feel like a full-time circus accompanied by coffee served cold and internal mental breakdowns. It can be equally beautiful and rewarding, but the fact remains that it takes a lot of work. And preparation. Preparation is key.

Maintain your style (and your sanity) whilst juggling family life with these eight easy tips to nail your look each and every time.

1. Invest in ‘easy’ dresses

The easiest way to stay stylish without the hassle is to incorporate comfortable and flattering maxi dresses into your wardrobe. Because maxi dresses can work for maternity, every day, work and events, they’re a perfect option for the Mums who do it all. You can dress them down with sandals or dress them up for work or events effortlessly. These dresses are wardrobe essentials for busy Mums.

2. Choose statement jewellery

Statement jewellery is a quick and easy way to totally dress up an outfit. Bold statement earrings are a favourite as they work especially well for the busy Mum. Whether you’ve just pulled on an easy maxi dress or are rocking jeans, big statement earrings can add quick style and glam to an everyday look.

3. Pick a colour palette

Whether you’re crazy about bold colours, pastels or neutrals, choose a colour palette that goes together to make outfit choices easier. When you’re brushing your teeth while making breakfast for bubs while making a grocery list while preparing for your morning meeting, you’ll be able to grab and go without risking accidentally choosing pastel pink with lime green. It’ll save you showing up to work looking like a lollipop.

4. Shop online

It’s not a coincidence that Australians spent a whopping total of $28.6 billion in 2018 alone on online shopping. E-commerce is booming because it provides people with an abundance of retail options, accessible price points and most of all: convenience. Instead of bringing your kids to the shops, as stress free as it is to do (ha!), simply shop for what you need from the comfort of your own couch. We recommend choosing Australian-based online stores as they are able to ship to you express much quicker.

5. Try a trendy bag

If you’re wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt combo or a solid colour dress, or really any everyday outfit, a cool bag can make a huge difference to your outfit. And it’s easy! Choose bags that are eye-catching, fun and different to add style to your daily outfits.

6. Go minimalist

Neutral minimalist fashion has blown up in recent years, and for good reason. Choosing a neutral colour palette for your wardrobe makes styling a lot easier and always looks classic and chic. Try minimising your wardrobe to make morning outfit choices easily. Less options, less stress.

7. Have go-to wardrobe pieces

There are certain staple wardrobe pieces that immediately improve your everyday wardrobe. Some must-have wardrobe go-to’s are: a comfortable dress, classic blazer, denim jacket, high waisted jeans, comfortable heels, leather jacket, and quality sunnies.

8. Go for a strappy sandal

Ditch the everyday thongs for a strappy sandal to keep the comfort but up the style. Choose nude coloured sandals to complement any colour or style of outfit from dresses to jeans.

Most of all, be easy on yourself. At the end of the day, who REALLY cares if you have a bad hair day and accidentally wear two different shoes to an event? You don’t have to be perfect to be a good mum. And you don’t have to be glamorous every day to have great style. Incorporate these simple tips into your wardrobe and you’ll be feeling fabulous, without the time and hassle.

Author bio
Kaylyn Taylor is the Digital Content Writer at PSFrocks.com.au, Australia’s top maxi dress e-boutique. When Kay isn’t writing articles with love from the southern Gold Coast, she’s obsessing over neutral fashion looks and drinking a lot of coffee.



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