Staying on top of your kids’ health and nutrition is hard enough, so why do it alone? Let this group of experts (and mums!) guide you on your journey to incorporating more whole foods into your family routine with ease.

Designed to empower women to make positive choices, this free online show offers an amazing line-up of interviews with health and wellness warriors, coordinated by qualified naturopath-turned-coach Edwina Murphy-Droomer.

Learn from the likes of Georgia Harding (Well Nourished), Pete Evans, Cyndi O’Meara, Brenda Janschek and so many more, for no cost at all – that’s right, it’s a world of wellness at your fingertips, absolutely free.

The show aims to inspire a league of extraordinary mothers – as the name suggests – on how to get more energy, a body they love and a zest for life, all through food. It offers simple tips and a brand new mindset that will see you prioritising your health, without feeling overwhelmed by your ever-growing ‘to do’ list, in a way you never thought possible.

Plus, you’ll be learning to lead by example, crafting your kids into healthy, happy adults with an understanding of how to make the most of the food they’re eating and make positive food choices.

If you’re sick of constantly hearing conflicting advice, this series is for you – it was designed with feedback from mums, who wanted to hear from experts with proven results about guaranteed ways they could take back control of their health.

For more information about the series, and to learn how to feed your body and mind to ensure you and your family thrive, head to www.edwinamd.com.



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