You know them as two-thirds of the dynamic trio driving you to work on Hit 105, but did you know that Abby and Matt are real-life camping buddies, too?! We chatted to them about their latest camping adventure, and even scored some tips.

Tell us about your first camping adventure – how did it come about, and when was it?
Matt: My first time camping was when I was a kid, it was over Easter and it rained the whole time. Funnily enough, my first time camping with Abby was at the Sunny Coast, over June/July holiday – it rained the whole time, too! We stayed through the rain (cause we had lots of wine).
Abby: Our first camping trip together with our families was at Rivershore on the Sunshine Coast. It rained the whole time and we roughed it out in tents – well, besides a night at the restaurant there with cocktails. We loved it so much though that we are heading back there these school holidays. but staying at their amazing teepee tents. 

Why did you choose camping over, say, a family-friendly hotel?
Matt: It’s cheaper, so we can do more frequent holidays.
Abby: Now that we have three children we have to get two hotel rooms, so camping is always cost effective. Plus the boys love the outdoors. 

How do you choose the perfect camping spot?
Matt: My wife picks it – where she wants to go, we go.
Abby: We always pick a camping spot by the water! My hubby and the boys love the water so we always pick somewhere by the beach or river. The swim is their shower while we are camping… haha!

Do you prefer beach or bush camping?
Matt: Beach camping, for sure. We like to get up early and go to the beach with the kids.
Abby: We’re the same!

What do you do if the weather takes a turn for the worst?
Matt: You have to stick it out – I always say to the kids, ‘It’s character building’.

What equipment do you need?
Matt: We go tent, tarp, fridge, chairs, lights… We go a bit overboard. We like the comforts – we even take the Soda Stream!

What are some things you have to check off the ‘to do’ list before embarking on a camping adventure?
Matt: Buy alcohol and meal plan (I do most of the cooking when we’re camping – my wife does it all at home). My tradition is to do a full lamb roast and baked potatoes. Other than that I don’t have to do a lot of prep because all my camping stuff gets packed away when I get home so it’s ready to go for the next time.
Abby: We have a set camping procedure. I’ll put out everything we need for our trip into the hallway and my hubby will then pack it into the car (whilst complaining I’ve packed too much). We always fit it in. Then he puts up the tent whilst I take the kids to look around. Then, when we head home, I do the pack up and take down and he packs up the car again for the way home.

What is your go-to campfire song or story? What kinds of games do you play?
Matt: Anything by Kip Moore, and we always roll out handball with the kids or play spotlight at night.

What will you do differently on your next camping adventure?
Matt: Choose a drier time of year to go!



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