Green Heroes Wildlife have brought back their adoption program, and this year it’s even better. It’s never been easier for you and your family to support Aussie animals.

We are so lucky to have so many dedicated wildlife carers all over the country, but they can’t face the mammoth task on their own.

Enter: the Green Heroes Wildlife Adoption Program. Whether you adopt as a class, a family or an individual, you will be linked up with an orphaned joey and a wildlife group or shelter. 

Through the program, you can directly support wildlife in drought and bushfire-affected areas, and make a real impact to endangered species.

So, how does it work?

First, you choose a native animal to adopt from the Green Heroes shop.

Once your donation has been received, Green Heroes will send you a photo of your adopted joey to download and share, along with information about the animal and the story of how he/she came into care.

During the term, they will send you two further update(s) on the joey’s progress and the wildlife group or shelter will receive a donation to support the rehabilitation of your joey.

To engage children and support learning, Green Heroes have also created a Wildlife Adoption Pack containing fun facts about Australia’s incredible marsupial mammals, suggested classroom activities, downloadable posters to share and display in the classroom and guidance on how to engage young children and their families or carers in wildlife conservation.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have also created a guide to Supporting Children During the Bushfire Crisis, which educators may find useful in providing emotional support to young children.

The cost of adopting an orphaned joey is just $80 – 100% of which is donated to the wildlife group or shelter caring for the sponsored animal, thanks to the generous support of LUSH Australia in covering administration expenses.




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