It’s not often you would use this word when talking about your child’s birthday party – E.A.S.Y. Mix in loads of fun, yummy food, super games, hot tunes and space for the kids to climb, crawl and slide and you have one satisfied three year old (and mum and dad!).


IMG_4318We had a house move at the top of our ‘to do’ list so the thought of twenty three-nagers shrieking the house down gave us the shakes. But parents, have no fear – avast, we shall tell our tales of Doodlebugs! Me heart (no not a typo – getting my pirate talk going here!) goes out to the Donna, Peter and the team who put on one beauty of a pirate party!


Our little captain loved every minute, the Pirate Jake party décor, grooving to the latest tracks under the flashing lights, sharing a tune with the karaoke stars and racing down the giant slides. Party games with a giant parrot brought a happy tear to his eye (good thing there was a patch to catch it) and the party food fueled the crew so they could play, dance and squeal the night away.


IMG_4339We partied at disco night – the first Friday of each month. You may also want to check out their Saturday dinners on the third Saturday of each month and their new Sunday mornings for Dads playtime.


More: www.doodlebugs.com.au


Keeley O'Connor

Keeley O'Connor  

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