A hydrodermabrasion facial is similar to microdermabrasion but with the added benefit and sophistication of fine water jets, oxygen and a diamond crystal tip applicator.

Best known for their clean and non-toxic beauty products, the Clean Beauty Market have now expanded into clean beauty services including the Signature Clean Facial and Hydrodermabrasion.

Complete with a handy dose of breakouts and an overall feeling that my skin was clogged and congested, I heading in to see my skin therapist. After discussing my current skincare regime and my skin concerns it was time to head into the beauty room.

What makes this special…

The signature customised clean facial begins with a double cleanse. The products used are tailored to your particular skin concerns, carefully selected from the The Clean Beauty Market’s commanding collection of clean, non-toxic and high performing products.

Hydromicrodermabrasion is the next step in the treatment process. This unique machine is used firstly, to deep clean the skin. Whilst you hear a suction kind of noise the process is comfortable as fine water jets and oxygen is ejected from the diamond crystal tip.

Following the deep clean, the second pass is performed to remove dead skin cells and impurities. A customised serum is simultaneously infused into your skin to accentuate the treatment.

A transformative mask is delicately painted on and a luxurious neck, shoulder and scalp massage ensues.

To finish off this bespoke treatment, a facial serum is applied and worked in using a traditional rose quartz roller. This was just what my skin needed to help clear away the build-up and congestion.

The roundup…

If you’re looking at changing up your skincare products to more clean and non-toxic ones, I can recommend the Customised Clean facial. It gives you an exclusive sample of The Clean Beauty Market’s extensive range.

Similarly, if you want to upscale your facial, try the Hydrodermabrasion for fresh clean skin. You won’t be disappointed.


Yasmin Matthews

Yasmin Matthews  

Yasmin Matthews is a qualified Osteopath and has owned and operated Allied Health clinics with her husband for nearly 20 years. She has three school aged kids who keep her on her toes. ​​With a love of all things pampering, she is on a mission to inspire others to prioritise their own health and wellbeing // www.pampersampler.com