They’re a national leader in plant-based superfoods and raw supplements, and now Amazonia has answered the call from Aussie mothers with an exciting new release: ‘Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus’.

The all-natural and safe protein blend dropped in late November, and has been specially formulated to meet the growing demands of pregnancy – from conception, through to nursing.

All ingredients are certified organic and clean, and the blend itself is designed to help mothers meet the recommended intake of protein, which increases by 30% during pregnancy.

It’s an all-natural and 100% safe nutritional support product, guaranteeing you peace of mind during the most transformational months of your life. 

Complete with fermented golden pea protein, Amazonia’s Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus boasts folate to support maternal tissue growth, features 50% of your recommended daily intake of naturally occurring iron, zinc to support fertility and reproduction, B vitamins to support hormone regulation, energy and immunity as well as ginger and essential dietary fibre. This formula is revolutionary in that none of these nutrients are “synthetic fortified” nutrients they are all derived completely from wholefoods for optimal absorption during this vital period of life.

It’s gluten-free with no added sugar, dairy, lactose, additives, preservatives, GMOs & synthetics.

Amazonia Raw Protein Pregnancy Plus comes in delicious vanilla or chocolate, and  can be enjoyed on its own in water, coconut water or added to your favourite smoothie or breakfast bowl.


  • 24g of Sprouted & Fermented Organic Plant Protein – fermenting increases the bioavailability of nutrients and results in a protein powder that is gentle on the digestive system
  • 14+ Wholefood Vitamin & Minerals
  • Folate to support maternal neural tube & tissue growth
  • 50% RDI of naturally occurring Iron – essential for transporting oxygen around the body and delivering oxygen to the baby during pregnancy. Iron is also important for normal neurological development of the foetus.
  • Zinc to support fertility & reproduction
  • B Vitamins for hormone regulation, energy & immunity
  • Ginger to assist with feeling of nausea/morning sickness
  • Dietary Fibre to help with constipation and regular laxation
  • Vegan & heavy metal tested
  • Certified organic
  • Free from gluten, added sugar, dairy, lactose, additives, preservatives, GMOs & synthetics




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